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NEWS: Erra join the Dessert Sessions?

In a surprise move with “Neon” still being a fresh release, Erra have shared a second non album single though Sumerian Records. Whether that means a deluxe version of the album is on th way, if these are just stand alone tracks or if they’re left over from the “Neon” recording sessions remains to be

NEWS: Veil of Maya invite “Members Only”…

Songs from their phenomenal “False Idol” might have not got as much play their live set as we’d have hoped but it remains a very high bench mark for not only Veil of Maya but for DJent infused Tech-Metal as a whole. The Chicago Illinois DJentlemen have announced that they are working on a brand

NEWS: Slaughter To Prevail in “Agony”!

The end of September will see a huge tour rumble across the US with the Alex “Terrible” Shikolai fronted Slaughter To Prevail joined by Bodysnatcher, Orthodox and Prison in tow. The Deathcore heavyweights will bring the crushing sounds of new single “Agony” when they step up to the plate so it’s time to get those

Interview: Betraying The Martyrs talk to Metal Injection!

Metal Injection managed to get in 10 questions Betraying The Martyrs frontman Aaron Matts in this freshly released interview! Looking to put the bus fire that brought their US run to an abrupt end in the rearview mirror, the Symphonic Death Metallers will release “Rapture”, their fifth studio album on 13th September!

Documentary: Betraying The Martyrs Asian Tour!

It’s all go in the camp of Parisian via Leicester Symphonic Death Metallers Betraying The Martyrs. Having been saved from financial ruin following a van fire in the US thanks to the kindness and generosity of their fans, they’ve announced 13th September for their fifth studio album “Rapture” via Sumerian Records. Here’s their “Eternal Machine”

Bootleg: Erra also in Minnesota!

Current album “Neon” had hardly been out 5 minutes when Erra threw out the baby with the bath water and let us have a brand spanking new single entitled “Eye of God”. It features in this Pro-Shot full set with “Drift” and “Breach” at the Amsterdam Bar & Hall in St. Paul’s Minnesota on 23rd

NEWS: ERRA stare into the “Eye of God”

Sumerian Records have released a video for “Eye of God” by ERRA! The song is a surprise new tune given the age of current album “Neon” with the band to join Currents supporting August Burns Red on the 19 Year Anniversary Tour for “Constellations” upon our shores in late November! It’s bright, it’s colourful and

Playthrough: “Parasite” by Betraying the Martyrs!

Recorded and Mixed by Yoann Aube at Black Desert, Betraying the Martyrs sticksman Boris Le Gal has taken apart recent single “Parasite” with a blistering kit performance! The French Symphonic Death Metallers are currently touring the US before their 13th September album “Rapture” steps out from the shadows via Sumerian Records…

Under The Influence #5: Absalom on “Drift” by Erra!

Naming their band after the homonymous Akkadian God of War and Plague, Birmingham Alabama natives Erra released their third album “Drift” in 2016 via Sumerian Records. Produced by Nick Sampson, it marked the bands first album with former Texas in July vocalist J.T. Cavey and impressively received an 8.5/10 from Metal Injection. The Progressive Metalcore