Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Ace.

Considered by some one of the forefathers of Thrash having influenced both Metallica and Megadeth, Lemmy Kilmister’s Motorhead  launched themselves on a the US in 1980 with a blend of Hard Rock and Speed Metal that gave them a fan base in both Punk and Heavy Metal circles. Their fourth album in all “Ace Of Spades” remains their most critically acclaimed and commercially successful with the title track returning to the charts upon the tragic passing of Kilmister in January 2016.

So to our head to head and we’ve chosen to pit against each other a metaphorical David and Goliath. In the Red Corner we have German Thrash Metal titans Sodom who released their cover of the Motorhead classic as a vinyl pressing bonus track on their album “Epitome of Torture” in 2013. They released their sixteenth studio album “Genesis XIX” in November 2020 and have sold over 8 million records in their career to date as our Goliath. In the Blue Corner we have our David in Italian Metallers Kalahari who have an EP in “Theia” and a collection of singles to their name. The two bands are held together by their love of Lemmy Kilmister and not much else. Who wins? You decide!

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