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Playthrough: “Fear Doubles The Blast” from Kalahari!

Armed for the Apocalypse with a pair of seven string guitars in B standard tuning, Gino and Gabri from Kalahari playthrough the riff feast that “Fear Doubles The Blast“. The single from the Italian quintet who often play on social and existential lyrical themes is their first of 2022 having given us a trio in 2021

Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Ace.

Considered by some one of the forefathers of Thrash having influenced both Metallica and Megadeth, Lemmy Kilmister’s Motorhead  launched themselves on a the US in 1980 with a blend of Hard Rock and Speed Metal that gave them a fan base in both Punk and Heavy Metal circles. Their fourth album in all “Ace Of

Playthrough: “The Swarm” from Kalahari!

Last month saw Italian Metallers Kalahari unveil their second new single since last summers debut EP “Theia” and we salute the quintet for “The Swarm” as they have somehow managed to include the word “sprout” in the lyrics and make it sound cool. Rehearsing for live shows, vocalist Nico has filmed a one take vocal

NEWS: Kalahari prey for plagues?

Having climbed down from the Ivory Tower, Italian Metallers Kalahari have released their second single since last summers EP “Theia“. This one is called “The Swarm” and continues the bands trend for running on lyrical themes which take inspiration from strong emotions, presented through metaphor with the plague of locust being the lies from a

Playthrough: “The Ivory Tower” from Kalahari!

There is something about Kalahari that always makes us think of the classic video game Prince of Persia and with guitarists Gino and Gabri showing us how “The Ivory Tower” is done with a seven string guitar, B standard tuned  playthrough it might be easy to see why even though the band actually hail from

NEWS: Kalahari cover “Carol Of The Bells”!

Christmas has never been so heavy! Italian alternative metal band Kalahari have released their own stunning version of the Christmas classic “Carol of the Bells” to cap off a year which has seen them unveil debut EP “Theia” while they continue to work on a debut album! The story of this cover comes from afar, as the

Playthrough: “Followers Of The Lich” #2 from Kalahari!

Having given us a bass playthrough video for single “Followers Of The Lich” back in July, Kalahari have returned to the song from their EP Theia” for a guitar playthrough with tabs. Be warned, you’ll need to be a seven string player to get this one nailed down, despite it’s nostalgic 80’s Thrash overtones. You

NEWS: Kalahari begin the Mountain ascent!

After releasing their recent “Theia” EP and a trio of music videos, including “Zombie Night”, which has hit the impressive 47k stream mark on YouTube, Italian Metal outfit Kalahari have recorded a live session and shared a cut of “I Am The Mountain” from it. If that wasn’t enough, they’re also now selling a t-shirt

Playthrough: “Followers Of The Lich” from Kalahari!

Italian Melodic Death Metal quintet Kalahari have chosen “Followers Of The Lich“, their interpretation of an 80’s styled Thrash Metal track for as bass playthrough video. It’s taken from their recently released EP “Theia“, a concept release steeped in Greek Mythology and taking influence from the likes of Iron Maiden.

NEWS: Kalahari celebrate new EP with “Zombie Night” video!

Do Zombies even exist in the Kalahari desert sands? Maybe if Send More Paramedics have anything to do with it. Earlier this week we reviewed “Theia” from Kalahari, which drops tomorrow and to celebrate, they’ve blown their budget on a music video for their Halloween Party ripper in “Zombie Night“!