Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! BMTH?!

It’s that most controversial time of the week again! We put head to head two bands who have covered a notable song in a bare knuckle boxing match to the death to see who will be crowded champion of Vs. Tuesday. So while we could harp on about how Bring Me The Horizon are no longer the band we knew and loved for their first four albums, we’ll skip all that bulls*** as it’s been said and done and get straight to the chorus… “Close your eyes. Pray for plagues. Oh Lord cleanse this earth. And bring upon our doomsday

In the red corner we have Decayer who inked a deal in blood with Seek And Strike Records (Upon A Burning Body, Orbit Culture) for their current burnt offering “Pestilence“, one which sees the Deathcore enthusiasts rejoined by original vocalist Sean Labrucherie. In the blue corner we have Infant Annihilator who celebrate a decade of graphic lyrical content, shock humour; and music videos that border on gross indecency. Technically that makes this one a United States Vs United Kingdom challenge to the death but Dickie Allen is the odd man out. Who wins? Deathcore will decide! Count Your Blessings!

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