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NEWS: Burn Down Eden prepare to seek and strike once more!

Ahead of a run of shows that will take them from Germany to Holland, Belgium and France over 10 nights with Stortregn, Blackened Technical Death Metal collective Burn Down Eden have dropped new single “Reap The Apocalypse“. It turns out that it’s the first from a new EP titled “Dismal” that is set for a

Playthrough: “Lost Boy” from The Dialectic!

Fans of Texas heat bringers The Dialectic will know about the vocal prowess of Mitch Howie and his love of a vocal cover. Having just released EP “Crawl To The Throne” he turns his talents to a one take vocal cover of of “Lost Boy” by Deathcore transcending pioneers Whitechapel which includes a clean sung

Review: “Crawl To The Throne” by The Dialectic

Inking a deal in blood with Seek & Strike Records, March 2022 saw the return of Tyler Texas Deathcore heat bringers The Dialectic just 14 months after their disintegration with EP “A Falsehood Defined” ensuring the first decade of aggression was built upon. A new line up around original vocalist Mitch Howie ensured their presence

NEWS: It’s all out war for The Dialectic!

A new found confidence owing to their signing with Seek & Strike Records meant that as soon as their current EP “A Falsehood Defined” breached, Texas Deathcore collective The Dialectic started the writing phase of a follow up. That record is set for 17th November and titled “Crawl To The Throne” with a concept “…about

NEWS: Kill The Kong return with “Deepfall”, new album on the way!

Beginning a new era that was promised back in February, Kill The Kong have premiered a new single in “Deepfall” that features a guest vocal appearance from Bjorn “Speed” Strid of Soilwork fame via Seek & Strike Records. It’s the first from the Swedish seven strong Metal and Hardcore outfits freshly completed but as yet

NEWS: Monasteries joined by Ingested for “Spiralled Icon”!

Bringing on board Jason Evans from rising  Manchester Death Metal brutes Ingested for a guest vocal appearance, Monasteries have premiered “Spiralled Icon” via label home Seek & Strike Records. Taken from their debut album “Ominous“, it’s the fourth single out of hell’s gate but be warned, viewer discretion is advised due to the video being

Playthrough: “Heaven Failed Us” from Monasteries!

The third single “Heaven Failed Us” from the debut full length album “Ominous” from Manchester Technical Deathcore quintet Monasteries has been granted a one take vocal playthrough video as the band prepare for its arrival on 25th August via Seek & Strike Records. Featuring guest appearances from Donovan Lee of Ritual Of Despair, Monte Barnard of Emberthrone, Sven

NEWS: Upon A Burning Body go independent with “An Insatiable Hunger”!

A month after they played The Hot Topic Stage of Texas So What?! Festival alongside Slaughter To Prevail, Bodysnatcher and VCTMS, the return of Upon A Burning Body with their first single since 2022’s “Fury” has arrived. Titled “An Insatiable Hunger” it finds the Party Deathcore turned Groove Metal outfit going independent having left label

NEWS: Monasteries detail forthcoming new album and unleash new single!

Featuring guest appearances from Donovan Lee of Ritual Of Despair, Monte Barnard of Emberthrone, Sven de Caluwé of Aborted and Jason Evans of Ingested the arrival of the debut full length album from Manchester Technical Deathcore quintet Monasteries has been announced. “Ominous” will drop on 25th August via Seek & Strike Records and run to

NEWS: A needle in the arm and the damage done for The Hate Project!

A record which we reviewed earlier this week and in our opinion not only cements the status of Swedish Deathcore collective The Hate Project but also points the direction to a possible fresher sound, “Blessed with Malevolence“ is going to drop on 7th July via Seek & Strike Records. Mixed and mastered by Simone Pietroforte