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NEWS: Monasteries await the Midnight hour…

“2 minutes to midnight, The hands that threaten doom, 2 minutes to midnight, To kill the unborn in the womb” Oh wait. Wrong song… with pre-orders available here, Monasteries have announced 23rd April will see their sophomore EP “Silence” drop via Seek & Strike Records. A third single as popped complete with music video and

NEWS: Exist Immortal premier new single “Gold”!

The title track from the new EP “Act Two: Gold” by Exist Immortal been given the red carpet full music video treatment, taking advantage of the empty streets of London in the dead of night during the Pandemic to be able to capture the bright lights and recreate some of the classic Metal music videos

NEWS: Monasteries commit Harakiri?

A year after Manchester Technical Deathcore crew Monasteries unleashed “The Amygdala Chorus“, they’re back with “Digital Suicide” which in a twist of fate has a Mathcore influences. The track was recorded with Myroslav Borys (Confessions Of A Traitor, Last Hounds) at Jigsaw Audio who also mixed and mastered and sees release with the backing of

NEWS: Exist Immortal seek Gold in the hills?

Now that Exist Immortal have been announced as signing to Seek & Strike, it was only a matter of time before the first material emerged through the label and that has appeared in the form of a music video for “Come Alive“, the first single from an EP penciled in for Spring 2021. The song

NEWS: Monasteries, Gassed Up & Free Howling set for August!

The resurrection of the Slam Worldwide sponsored European trek that will see Monasteries, Gassed Up and Free Howling join forces has been announced with the run now set to take place at the end of August into September in the UK with a European Mainland run in October. This news comes after Technical Deathcore collective

NEWS: “Allowing Your Traitors To Die” with Monasteries!

The new age of Monasteries has begun with the Mancunian Technical Deathcore heavyweights announcing their signing to Seek & Strike, the label home of Orbit Culture and Upon A Burning Body who also signed Exist Immortal last month. To celebrate, they’ve premiered a new single in “Allowing Your Traitors To Die” which as with their

Playthrough: “Dust Cloud” from Exist Immortal!

Following the news of their signing to Seek & Strike Records, the label home of Orbit Culture and Upon A Burning Body, Gear Gods tapped up the flame haired Mikey Gee from Exist Immortal for an instructional solo video on their recent single “Dust Cloud“. The track appears on “Act One: Rebirth“, released in the

NEWS: Orbit Culture premier “Mute The Silent”!

Blowing the budget on a Stargate inspired music video for “Mute The Silent”, the bonus track on the newly released deluxe edition of “Nija“, no doubt in celebration at landing the opening slot on the biggest tour of 2021 are Orbit Culture. The Seek & Strike Records (Upon A Burning Body, Exist Immortal) signings will

NEWS: Exist Immortal sign for Seek & Strike!

We’ll be honest, the last thing we were expecting was the announcement that London Progressive Metallers Exist Immortal had signed for label Seek & Strike, who also have on their roster Upon A Burning Body, Decayer and Orbit Culture. But that is exactly what has happened with the band’s music video for “Dust Cloud” from

Review: “Built From War” by Upon A Burning Body

Throughout their career, San Antonio Texas natives Upon A Burning Body have style shifted between records. Starting out as a Death Metal band, then switching to Deathcore and even Party Deathcore with Metallic Hardcore leanings they partially reinvented their sound with their last album, June 2019’s “Southern Hostility“. A Groove Metal affair with Pantera and