Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! NIN.

1989 saw the claustrophobic and introverted debut album from Nine Inch Nails in “Pretty Hate Machine” with Trent Reznor recording as a multi instrumentalist, a record that spawned a collection of singles and would eventually lead to the huge success both commercially and critically that was “The Downward Spiral“. Unlike a lot of Industrially tinged music at the time it Reznor didn’t create something of endless gnawing cold electronic beats, instead playing off standard verse chorus song structures, his lyrics orientating around angst, God and the hurt of betrayal at the hands of lost lovers. Arguably the best known and most Metal cut of the record is “Head Like A Hole” and being the heathens that we are, we first heard the song as a cover from Grand Rapids Michigan Metalcore outfit Still Remains before hearing the original…

In the RED CORNER we have Brazilian singer songwriter Violet Orlandi, who also happens to be in She Won’t Live. She gave the Nine Inch Nails classic a Gothic makeover as she joins the likes of Vicky Psarakis from The Agonist and Eissa Zhovnerchuk from Morphide in giving us renditions of songs we know and love with their own stamp on them. In the BLUE CORNER we have Deathcore titans Carnifex who put their version together for their 2018 EP “Bury Me In Blasphemy“, the precursor to their return to prominence that is “World War X“. So two more contrasting versions of “Head Like A Hole” you’re unlikely to find elsewhere at the same place, at the same time without causing a rip in the fabric of space. Who wins? You decide!

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