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Bootleg: Carnifex in Holland!

People will argue about whether they consider the likes of Despised Icon and Carnifex Deathcore pioneers until the end of time but we don’t care. We’ve got our favourites and we know where we stand. Filmed at the Willem Twee Den Bosch Netherlands stop of Carnifex run with Chelsea Grin, Varials, Bodysnatcher and The Covalence

NEWS: Chelsea Grin search the limits of consciousness!

The next installment from “Suffer In Hell“, the first part of a double album from Salt Lake City Utah based Deathcore brutes Chelsea Grin has premiered in music video form with Eric DiCarlo (Bodysnatcher) from SquareUp Studios directing. The cut is titled “The Isnis” with the album dropping on 11th November ahead of second part

NEWS: Carnifex smash the mirror in fear of Oceano!

Celebrating the 15th Anniversary of their debut album “Dead In My Arms“, Deathcore pioneers Carnifex have shared a re-recorded rendition of “Lie To My Face” that features a guest vocal appearance from Adam Warren of Oceano fame. The cut appears just in time to help the band promote the US album anniversary tour which begins

Documentary: “Ritual Hymns” by Worm Shepherd!

Maintaining their reputation as having one of the heaviest rosters around, Unique Leader Records have shared the making of documentary for the approaching three month old sophomore album “Ritual Hymns” from Connecticut Melodic Blackened Deathcore monsters Worm Shepherd that features a guest appearance from Scott Ian Lewis of Carnifex and is a more than worthy follow

Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Slayer #666!

There has been many a debate by the fireside over many, many beers about the legacy of American Thrash Metal titans Slayer and if or when they will be back. There is no doubting that they are one of the most influential bands in not only Thrash but Death Metal with their downtuned guitars, infectious rhythms

Throwback: “Until I Feel Nothing” from Carnifex!

American Deathcore pioneers Carnifex have been ploughing a furrow into Planet Metal like crimson nails scratching faces and drawing blood since 2005 meaning that anniversary milestones are beginning to appear in their prized discography. It seems strange to be saying it but As I Lay Dying vocalist Tim Lambesis sat in the producers chair for

NEWS: It’s a Cold Dead Summer for Carnifex!

Also celebrating the release of a new album are Deathcore pioneers Carnifex who have dropped a video for “Cold Dead Summer” from their new beast “Graveside Confessions“, a record which had already surpassed a million Spotify streams thanks to 5 pre-release singles including a cover of “Dead Bodies Everywhere” by Nu-Metal masterminds KoRn. Now while

Interview: Carnifex talk “Graveside Confessions” with Knotfest!

As 3rd September will see Deathcore pioneers Carnifex dropping “Graveside Confessions” via Nuclear Blast, vocalist Scott Ian Lewis spoke to Alicia Atout from KnotFest and topics of conversation include the bands mascot, the new wave of Deathcore bands carrying the torch for the genre and their eighth studio album which has seen music videos for

NEWS: Carnifex head to the confessional?

Given their wealth of recently announced touring plans, it should come as no surprise that San Diego California Deathcore collective Carnifex have got a new album under wraps set for 3rd September via Nuclear Blast. The band themselves are calling “Graveside Confessions” their most personal record to date while sharing a music video for the