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NEWS: Carnifex have Seven Sins for Seven Souls?

The first new material from San Diego Californian Deathcore bone crushers Carnifex since the departure of long time lead guitarist Jordan Lockrey in January 2020 has been unleashed in single “Seven Souls” complete with a stylish music video by Dylan Gould. The band have a selection of Festival and club shows lined up next month and

NEW: Carnifex crush KoRn!

“Hate a sick mom with a f***d dad, Dealing with your life, dead bodies everywhere, You really want me to be a good son, Why you make me feel like no one?”   The influence of the Bakersfield Nu-Metallers KoRn is without question and after heavier renditions of their songs by the likes of Chelsea

Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! NIN.

1989 saw the claustrophobic and introverted debut album from Nine Inch Nails in “Pretty Hate Machine” with Trent Reznor recording as a multi instrumentalist, a record that spawned a collection of singles and would eventually lead to the huge success both commercially and critically that was “The Downward Spiral“. Unlike a lot of Industrially tinged

NEWS: Carnifex get “Cursed” (again)!

Still listening to “World War X“? Especially for Halloween, Deathcore collective Carnifex have dropped an Isolation Remix of “Cursed“. The band have been doing a lot of streaming activities for their Patreon of late including their Deathcore, Death Metal and Nu Metal essentials as well as being announced for the Bud Light sponsored Rock Fest

Riff Police! Pull Over! #109: Suicide Silence Vs Carnifex!

We’ve heard the cries for a heavier entry in the Riff Police notebook so it’s time to pitch two Deathcore Heavyweights, who perhaps don’t like being considered Deathcore head to head. Back in September 2007, Suicide Silence unleashed their beast of an album “The Cleansing“, a fan favourite which was recorded and engineered by John Travis

NEWS: We’re all cursed by Carnifex!

As “World War X” has reached the grand old age of 10 months, San Diego Californians Carnifex have dropped a new single. Entitled “Cursed (Isolation Mix)” the track isn’t a remix but a new piece, we’re assuming they want to have the same mix as the rest of an albums worth of material at a

Interview: Carnifex talk to Impericon!

The resurgent Carnifex joined Thy Art Is Murder on a European tour trek earlier this year thanks in part to the brutally good “World War X” landing on Planet Metal via Nuclear Blast. Vocalist Scott Lewis and guitarist Cory Arford took some time out of their schedule to answer the most asked questions on the

Review: “What The Dead Men Say” by Trivium

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Josh Wilbur (Suicide Silence, KoRn, Varials) and Mastered by Ted Jensen (Death Angel, Carnifex, Megadeth), the ninth studio album from Orlando Florida’s Trivium has been a highly anticipated affair. That is in part due to the high quality output of the bands previous albums but also with guitarist and vocalist

Bootleg: Carnifex In Saint-Petersburg, Russia!

It might have taken 13 years but San Diego Californian Deathcore collective Carnifex (who formed in 2005) finally made it to Russia in 2018. So continuing some older bootlegs while we’re waiting for some new shows to become available, here’s a 2 cam-mix with audio from soundboard from them at Orlandina Club in Saint-Petersburg, Russia on

Review: “God Of Dead Roots” by Sicarius

Formed in 2014 in Inland Empire California, Black Metallers Sicarius might not be a house hold name despite their 2017 critically acclaimed debut album “Serenade of Slitting Throats” being hailed by Decibel Magazine for “combining black metal with a violent immediacy and pairing it with a bloody, corpse painted aesthetic” but they could actually be considered a