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NEWS: Carnifex smash the mirror in fear of Oceano!

Celebrating the 15th Anniversary of their debut album “Dead In My Arms“, Deathcore pioneers Carnifex have shared a re-recorded rendition of “Lie To My Face” that features a guest vocal appearance from Adam Warren of Oceano fame. The cut appears just in time to help the band promote the US album anniversary tour which begins

Interview: Carnifex talk “Graveside Confessions” with Knotfest!

As 3rd September will see Deathcore pioneers Carnifex dropping “Graveside Confessions” via Nuclear Blast, vocalist Scott Ian Lewis spoke to Alicia Atout from KnotFest and topics of conversation include the bands mascot, the new wave of Deathcore bands carrying the torch for the genre and their eighth studio album which has seen music videos for

NEWS: Carnifex have Seven Sins for Seven Souls?

The first new material from San Diego Californian Deathcore bone crushers Carnifex since the departure of long time lead guitarist Jordan Lockrey in January 2020 has been unleashed in single “Seven Souls” complete with a stylish music video by Dylan Gould. The band have a selection of Festival and club shows lined up next month and

NEW: Carnifex crush KoRn!

“Hate a sick mom with a f***d dad, Dealing with your life, dead bodies everywhere, You really want me to be a good son, Why you make me feel like no one?”   The influence of the Bakersfield Nu-Metallers KoRn is without question and after heavier renditions of their songs by the likes of Chelsea

Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! NIN.

1989 saw the claustrophobic and introverted debut album from Nine Inch Nails in “Pretty Hate Machine” with Trent Reznor recording as a multi instrumentalist, a record that spawned a collection of singles and would eventually lead to the huge success both commercially and critically that was “The Downward Spiral“. Unlike a lot of Industrially tinged

Review: “Bury Me In Blasphemy” EP by Carnifex!

It’s been little over 18 months since San Diego Californian Deathcore crew Carnifex released “Slow Death” via Nuclear Blast. The decision to surprise release a new EP containing a single brand new track, a pair of covers and a remix may have come as a shock to some but it’s nothing new for the tactical