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NEWS: Carnifex get “Cursed” (again)!

Still listening to “World War X“? Especially for Halloween, Deathcore collective Carnifex have dropped an Isolation Remix of “Cursed“. The band have been doing a lot of streaming activities for their Patreon of late including their Deathcore, Death Metal and Nu Metal essentials as well as being announced for the Bud Light sponsored Rock Fest

NEWS: We’re all cursed by Carnifex!

As “World War X” has reached the grand old age of 10 months, San Diego Californians Carnifex have dropped a new single. Entitled “Cursed (Isolation Mix)” the track isn’t a remix but a new piece, we’re assuming they want to have the same mix as the rest of an albums worth of material at a

Interview: Carnifex talk to Impericon!

The resurgent Carnifex joined Thy Art Is Murder on a European tour trek earlier this year thanks in part to the brutally good “World War X” landing on Planet Metal via Nuclear Blast. Vocalist Scott Lewis and guitarist Cory Arford took some time out of their schedule to answer the most asked questions on the

Bootleg: Carnifex In Saint-Petersburg, Russia!

It might have taken 13 years but San Diego Californian Deathcore collective Carnifex (who formed in 2005) finally made it to Russia in 2018. So continuing some older bootlegs while we’re waiting for some new shows to become available, here’s a 2 cam-mix with audio from soundboard from them at Orlandina Club in Saint-Petersburg, Russia on

Interview: Thy Art Is Murder & Carnifex tag team in Prague!

In this double headed dragon of an interview Scott Ian Lewis of Carnifex and CJ McMahon of Thy Art Is Murder talk to Metal Shop before the pair take the stage for their sold out show in Prague Czech Republic. The bands both have relatively new albums out and celebrate Deathcore and Death Metal as

Interview: Carnifex talk self management!

As the “Human Target” World Tour sweeps across Europe, the Mike James Rock Show caught up with Carnifex frontman Scott Ian Lewis. They spoke about last Augusts album “World War X” as well as the freedom that becoming self managed has given them over the past two and a half years.

NEWS: Carnifex see “Visions Of The End”!

2020 will see Deathcore crushers Carnifex join Thy Art Is Murder, Fit For An Autopsy and I Am bulldoze their way across Europe. They’ve blown the budget that Nuclear Blast gave them on a gory video for “Visions Of The End” from their new album “World War X” and… perhaps missed the opportunity to do

Review: “World War X” by Carnifex

The Seventh studio album from Carnifex has been one we’ll promoted by Nuclear Blast in the build up to it’s appearance. It’s easy for a band that has reached this stage in their career to be cruelly ignored under some misguided notion that they don’t need any help in promoting their album and spreading the

Interview: Carnifex play “What’s in my bag?”

Doing their own version of “What’s In My Bag?”, Scott Ian Lewis from Carnifex appears at the US office of Nuclear Blast to tell us about some records he’s purchased for the occasion. All this comes appears as part of the build up the the appearance of the bands seventh studio album “World War X”