Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! One Step Closer…

As 20th July marked the 3rd year since the tragic passing Chester Bennington, we’ve decided to follow up last weeks pair of covers of “The Day I Tried To Live” by Soundgarden with a head to head for a pair of covers of “One Step Closer” by Linkin Park. Afterall, Bennington was best of friends with the dearly departed Chris Cornell so it makes perfect sense. Linkin Park being a highly influential band and a significant figure in Nu-Metal meant that a collection of newer covers were released by bands around the date of that 3rd anniversary, including a post-hardcore version of “Breaking The Habit” by The Broken View, which is really something else.

We previously put a pair of takes on “Crawling” head to head with Imminence playing off against Dream State but with Indianapolis, Indiana Metalcore quartet SoulSeeker delivering a punchier version of “One Step Closer” with a helping hand from Greg Miller at Cloven Tongue Recordings who mixed, mastered and produced the effort, in follow to their February single “Serpent King” it seems only apt that we find an equally heavy take on the track to pit it against. So without further ado, we’re leaping back to 2017 and a version of the track by Nu-Metalcore Kings VCTMS. They have vocalist John Matalone appearing on the upcoming “The Cleansing Tribute Album“, lending his throat to “Girl Of Glass” on the non profit tribute to one of the top Deathcore albums of the last 20 years and another dearly departed soul in Mitch Lucker, as well as being arguably the finest work from Suicide Silence. Who wins? You decide!

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