NEWS: It’s snake bites for VCTMS!

Including a guest vocal appearance from Elijah Witt of Cane Hill fame, 13th October will see the arrival of mambo number five from American bad luck crew VCTMS. The latest pre-release installment of their brand of nu-metal, hardcore and hip-hop infused Metalcore has surfaced in “Twist The Rage” which comes just a few days before

NEWS: The Hurt Continues for VCTMS!

Having celebrated a decade together earlier this month and announcing they will be playing the album release show for the new Signs Of the Swarm album, it’s time for some new music from VCTMS. It might not be available anywhere until 13th October but that hasn’t stopped the independent Nu-Metalcore outfit from premiering a music video

NEWS: VCTMS announce “The Hurt Collection”!

Mambo *ahem* album number five from the original Bad Luck crew VCTMS is set to land on 13th October. Titled “V: The Hurt Collection” it’s seen the bloodstained “Feed The Vice” premier (you guessed it) in music video form, directed by Austin Scherzberg. Some Juicy looking limited edition vinyl pre-orders are available from the Nu-Metalcore

Bootleg: VCTMS at The Foundry Concert Club!

If there’s one person who knows how to record and mix live audio in multi track fashion it’s Leo Sypniewski. He demonstrates his powers with this pro-shot full set from bad luck crew VCTMS at The Foundry Concert Club in Lakewood Ohio on 31st March. If you missed it the band dropped a new single on

NEWS: VCTMS take the blue pill?

Never did we think we would see the day if for no other reason than the bands feel to be at separate ends of the Metal food chain but VCTMS have been joined by Elijah Witt of Cane Hill for a new single titled “Bitter // Pill“. Be warned, the music video should be avoided

Bootleg: VCTMS in San Antonio Texas!

Including such delights and “Anger“, “Carve“, “What Doesn’t Kill You” and a brand new song, here’s a partial set from Nu-Metalcore aggressors VCTMS as they appeared at Vibes Underground in San Antonio Texas on 11th December. The self proclaimed bad luck crew have been pedaling “IV: Numb The Ache” since the summer of 2021 meaning

NEWS: VCTMS unveil “The Dearly Beloved”!

Streamwood, Illinois Nu-Metalcore outfit VCTMS have issued a new warning shot with “The Dearly Beloved“, their first new single since the summer of 2021’s “Numb The Ache“. Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Matt Guglielmo and accompanied by video from Dylan Gould featuring artwork by Deathcult Creative this one finds Meredith Henderson baring her soul with lyrics

Bootleg: VCTMS at The Foundary Concert Club in Lakewood Ohio!

Pro-shot, mixed and edited Multi cam footage of VCTMS set at the Foundary Concert Club in Lakewood Ohio on 11th June has surfaced thanks to the legendary Leo Sypniewski. Including “Hell Is Other People“, “What Doesn’t Kill You” and a new song at the 10:53 mark this one is an absolute powerhouse, a pleasure you

Interview: VCTMS talk touring, writing and Chicago with Knotfest!

Armed with album number four “Numb The Ache“, Nu-Metalcore bone crushers VCTMS are flipping the script and broadening their horizons with more wide ranging tour partners than they would usually share stages with about to do just that. The rest of this month sees them join Veil Of Maya, Born Of Osiris and Hunt the

NEWS: Signs Of The Swarm reimagined for a new nightmare!

Federico Ascari (Within Destruction, Defamed) has created a remix of “Dreaming Desecration” as the final release by Deathcore titans Signs Of The Swarm before they part company with Unique Leader Records. What are the chances of the announcement that they’ve signed with Napalm Records or Nuclear Blast in the not too distant future? The band