Documentary: VCTMS Halfway Happy. In Canada.

Steamwood Illinois Bad Luck Crew VCTMS have documented their Canadian run with Black Tongue, The Machinist and 156 Silence in this mini tour diary. Snippets of live footage are interspliced with plenty of banter as the “Vol. III: Halfway Happy” shows rumble on…

Review: “Rebirth:1220” EP by Alpha Virus

Huston Texas powerhouse quartet Alpha Virus have been incredibly prolific of late. Featuring Brendan Murphy of  Still_Bloom on bass, they dropped their debut EP “Abysswalker” in 2018 and just a couple of months later followed it up with a full length and concept album “The Neglect Effect”. Also finding the time to tour with The

NEWS: Potione joined by VCTMS…

Joined by Meredith Henderson of VCTMS fame with a cameo appearance Potione have committed to digital cassette tape a new single by the name of “Nobody”. The bad luck crew are celebrating the fifth anniversary of “Sickness Vol. 1” with the announcement of an autumn tour with our very own Black Tongue across Canada!

Bootleg: VCTMS at Whiskey Junction!

Pro-Shot at The Whiskey Junction in Minneapolis Minnesota on 23rd June, here’s a full set from the Bad Luck Crew better known at Steamwood Illinois Deathcore Groove Metallers VCTMS! They’ve almost reached the end of their “Iced Out” tour with Falsifier in support of current album “Vol. III: Halfway Happy”!

Documentary: NWO Tour with VCTMS!

Meredith Henderson, Matthew Jackson and Eduardo Ruiz have out together this mini tour documentary for the recent “NWO Tour” that saw VCTMS, Traitors, Angelmaker and The Last Ten Seconds of Life share stages across the US. VCTMS new album “Halfway Happy” is out now.

NEWS: The Gloom In The Corner are “Misanthropic”!

Raging in a church with this classically styled noire music video for “Misanthropic”, Melbourne Australia’s The Gloom In The Corner keep up their end of the bargain with a solid Gloom anthem! Anti-religious cult lyrics and music in the vein of Alpha Wolf and VCTMS make this 5 piece ones to look out for! All

NEWS: Traitors preach “Ruthless Hate”!

Floridan Deathcore heavyweights Traitors have followed up singles “Dwell” and “Left To Rot” with “Ruthless Hate”. It is the third single since their stunningly good post hiatus return album “Anger Issues” it was Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Chris Whited at 1776 Recordings. The song appears before the bands run with The Last Ten Seconds

Playthrough: “Immaculate” from Ocillation!

Las Vegas Nevada Metallers Ocillation have recorded a guitar and bass playthrough for their previously released single “Immaculate” which appeared in lyric video format on 30th November. They will joining Traitors, Angelmaker and VCTMS as the opening band at their home town show.

NEWS: Drenched In Fear release “Regicide”!

Featuring David Simonich III of Signs of the Swarm, Wausau Wisconsin Deathcore five piece Drenched In Fear have released a music video for new cut “Regicide”. The song features on their upcoming new EP “In Hate” which will appear via Chugcore Promotions on 7th January. The release show for the EP will see both bands

Documentary: VCTMS offer tour recap!

Bizarrely with “Bad Girls Club” by Falling In Reverse as it’s Soundtrack, Streamwood Illinois VCTMS have released a tour recap video. The clip follows the bands run with Weeping Wound immediately after the release of new album “Halfway Happy”. Check out our review of that and if it appeals to you, it’s available over at bandcamp.