Vs. Tuesday! Two Bands? One Song? Who Wins? Fight! “Death Comes Ripping” by The Misfits!

Written by Glenn Danzig and released in 1983 by The Misfits on legendary “Earth A.D./Wolfs Blood” album, “Death Comes Ripping” is one of those hardcore punk songs that never gets old. It’s a classic song by a classic band – and those terms are too readily used – but not here. 108, Impaler & Social Distortion have all covered the song, once again proving that The Misfits influence crosses the Punk, Hardcore, Rock and Metal divides. In the red corner, we have Boston Massachusetts Hardcore Punks Wolfpack, who covered the song in 1996 for the tribute album “Hell On Earth: Hail To The Misfits”

In the blue corner, we have Suffolk’s Death Metal band Cradle of Filth who recorded their version in 1999 for “Cradle to Enslave”. Who Wins? You decide.

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