Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Depeche Mode

For reasons unknown we’ve always associated Depeche Mode with Christmas and in particular “Enjoy The Silence”. A track that has been covered many a time by all manor of influenced bands and the second single from their seventh studio album “Violator” released in 1990. On the album, Barry Walters of Rolling Stone Magazine complimented its “heavier hooks, cinematic arrangements and sleek sonic detail” and it appeared at number 57 on the magazine’s 100 “Best Albums of the Nineties” list.

In the red corner we have a Jacksonville Florida five piece named after the road in Springfield where the Simpsons live. Evergreen Terrace recorded their version as a hidden track (remember those?) on their sophomore album “Burned Alive By Time” back in 2002 and the song wasn’t added to their brilliant covers album “Writers Block” which appeared two years later. They’re currently writing a new album having played shows in Germany this past summer. In the blue corner we have Buffalo New York residents It Dies Today, who recorded their between albums version in 2006 for the “Masters Of Horror” Soundtrack and got a music video Directed by Pax as one of the lead tracks from that. Will they ever return? Who knows. Its a shame Trustkill Records… that’s another story. Who Wins? You decide!

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