Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Slayer. Show No Mercy.

For some reason the thought of Christmas has always made us want to listen to a Slayer record or two. Maybe it’s that “Sleigh” and “Slay” sound similar? Who knows. Their debut album appeared via Metal Blade in 1983 and even though it has questionable production quality, it’s been a much loved album. It created a polarization amongst critics but when someone like Terry Butler, bassist for Obituary and a former member of Death says: “When I heard “Show No Mercy” I wanted to play that way….It was a whole new level of mayhem. I wanted to play that way”, it has to be up there as one of be best compliments one can receive.

In the Red corner we have Montreal, Quebec Canadian Blackend Thrash maniacs Dizastra. They released their version of the “Show No Mercy” closing title track in tribute to Slayer alongside a version of “Piercing The Veil” as a double A-Side back in December 2018. A single before their debut full length “Elder Sun” appeared, it’s a mighty fine way to bring the house down at the end of a show. In the Blue corner, we have Australians The Furor who recorded their version for their fourth studio album “Impending Revelation” in 2014, with the help of Dave Sandstorm of Nightwind Studio who handled the Mixing and Mastering. Who wins? You decide!

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