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Review: “Fortified with Ashes” by Chupacabra

Featuring in their ranks former members of Wytch, Cybervoid and Captive, “Fortified with Ashes” is the virgin sacrifice from new project Chupacabra, a debut EP from a Death Thrash enthusiast trio hailing from Bristol in the United Kingdom. They’ve already made their name having provided all the music for the new audiobook edition of DX

NEWS: Chupacabra drop “F.T.T.D” and continue to slay!

A new project featuring former members of Wytch, Cybervoid and Captive hailing from Bristol, Chupacabra are a trio of Thrash drive savages who want nothing more than to set the World a flame and then stand back and watch it burn. Mixed and mastered by Wynter Prior (After Smoke Clears, Accursed Years, Countless Skies) at

NEWS: Chupacabra look suspicious enough to be suspects…

A new Death Thrash project from former members of Wytch, Cybervoid and Captive has wandered out of the wilderness. Hailing from Bristol, Chupacabra have dropped a music video for “Burn The Clowns” to introduce themselves to an unsuspecting World. the first cut from a debut EP “Fortified with Ashes“. That is set for a 4th

Bootleg: “Raining Blood” from Zarraza!

Recorded during “Kreated In Blood Tour” in September 2022 at Dorock Club in Istanbul, Extreme Metal act Zarraza have shared their cover of “Raining Blood” by Slayer in all its glory. The cut is one of a holy trinity to make the grade for their EP of the same name with works by Gojira and

Interview: Obituary talk “Dying Of Everything” with KnotFest!

Reflections on the final Slayer tour, no doubt recorded before guitarist Kerry King spoke out about the bands retirement happening in his eyes too soon along with thoughts on the bands new album are all part of this interview that John Tardy from Obituary gave to Joshua Toomey at KnotFest. As if you didn’t already

Review: “In Accordance With The Prophecy” by Gyaos:Diabolical

A homage to the 1979 John Frankenheimer monster movie Prophecy, engineered and produced by Don Fury (Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All, Quicksand), “In Accordance With The Prophecy” is the sophomore album of Austin Koll under the moniker Gyaos:Diabolical. The story goes that after spending many years playing, recording and touring as a drummer in several

Interview: Testament talk new album with Bloodstock TV!

Thrash Kings Testament threw their rhythm guitarist Eric Peterson at Bloodstock TV interviewer Oran O’Beirne following their return to the Ronnie James Dio main stage this summer and the results speak for themselves. Topics of conversation include the influence of former Slayer Dave Lombardo to their music, a follow up to the brilliance that is

Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Slayer.

With 2023 fast approaching, does the World really need a reminder of what Slayer were capable of? Probably not. Are we going to do it anyway? Hell Yes. We all know that it’s only a matter of time before Kerry King’s post Slayer band starts playing these songs in the live arena once more but

Throwback: “Medieval” from Diecast!

It’s with heavy hearts that we dedicate today throwback moment to the memory of Diecast vocalist Paul Stoddard. After nearly two decades in the Boston Massachusetts Metalcore act which began in 2003 when he replaced original frontman Colin Schleifer, the news he passed away on Monday 24th October from Pulmonary Hypertension is an absolute tragedy.