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Interview: Ask Exodus with Kragen Lum!

Intriguingly, the latest episode of the Ask Exodus series sees Kragen Lum answering the fans questions. The guitarist filled in for Gary Holt between for tour dates in 2013 and from 2015 to 2019 while he toured with Slayer so with Holt back in the fold and working on “Persona Non Grata” with a June

Review: “Necroceros” by Asphyx

By anyone’s standards 10 albums in 34 years is a decent haul and while Dutch Death Doom Elite Asphyx may not have any original members left in the group, the presence of ex-Pestilence man Martin van Drunen since 2007 after an original stint between 1990 and 1992 which goes a long way towards confirming it

Review: “Crypt of Ice” by Frozen Soul

Dallas, Texas Death Metal quintet Frozen Soul entered the studio in early March 2020 to record their debut record “Crypt of Ice” with their former guitarist Daniel Schmuck (Creeping Death, Power Trip) handling production and mixing duties. Having been active since 2018 their previous releases include a demo EP entitled “Encased In Ice” and a pair

Bootleg: Soul Dragger take on Iron Maiden!

Having already set the bar high with covers of songs by Lamb Of God and Slayer, Italian Thrash n’ Heavy act from Rome Soul Dragger have returned to the rehearsal space for a rendition of “The Wickerman” by Iron Maiden with only drummer Flavio “Imperatore” Leone in an actual studio. Probably not the future the

Bootleg: Soul Dragger cover Lamb Of God!

Last month saw Italian stallions Soul Dragger drop a rehearsal style cover of “Season In The Abyss” by Slayer and now the Rome natives are back with their take on “Momento Mori” by Lamb Of God. They’re joined by Eshuna vocalist Beatrix “NeroCremisi” Scarlett who provided the screaming vocal sections. If you missed it, the

Riff Police! Pull Over! #131: Necrophobic Vs Slayer!

2020 is a year that has seen many things but a new album in “Dawn of the Damned” by Swedish Blackened Death Metallers Necrophobic has to go down as one of the highlights. Their 31 year career to date may have only seen nine studio records but the re-ignition of the partnership of guitarists Sebastian

Bootleg: “Season In The Abyss” from Soul Dragger!

In their collective home practice spaces, Soul Dragger have recorded a cover of “Season In The Abyss” by Slayer. The Heavy ‘n’ Thrash Metal Band from Rome, Italy dropped upon us their self titled album which was produced by Marco Mastrobuono at Kick Recording Studios in Rome (Hour Of Penance, Fleshgod Apocalypse, 5Rand) back in

Bootleg: Exodus at Rockpalast Festival!

Having given us “Bonded By Blood“, “The Toxic Waltz” and “Blacklist” over the past few days, the organizers of WDR Rockpalast Festival in Germany have now signed off on the full set from Bay Area Thrash Kings Exodus. It took place in 2017 with Gary Holt having an extended affair with Slayer with Kragen Lum

Review: “Initiation” by Thanatopsis

Having released some demos independently between 1993 and 1997, Californian Thrash infused Death Metal quartet Thanatopsis have finally completed their magnum opus of a debut album in “Initiation”. their debut for Extreme Metal Music. Recorded at Trident Studios with renowned producer Juan Urteaga (Exodus, Testament, Machine Head) who also mixed and mastered the album, 3/4 of the

Bootleg: “Blacklist” from Exodus!

Returning to Bay Area Thrash Gods Exodus for a second time in as many days, the organizers of Rockpalast Festival in Germany have cut “Blacklist” from the bands 2017 set for our viewing pleasure. It’s naturally pro-shot with high quality audio, however Gary Holt isn’t involved as he was performing with Slayer at the time