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Review: “Desecration Rite” by Vulture Lord

There will be many who aren’t familiar with the work of Vulture Lord and for that we forgive them as it has been many Moons since the last time they spoke in anger. Eighteen long years ago in 2003 “Profane Prayer” was their gift to a dying World and now they have returned to reclaim

Bootleg: “The Second Coming” from Dizastra!

Fans of Canadian Blackened Thrash act Dizastra had to wait four long years between 2015 debut EP “Hell’s Gate” and 2019’s “Elder Sun” but it was well with the wait. Filmed by Scratch Takes during the the album release show the band have released “The Second Coming” and that show happened to be the final

Bootleg: “Mourning Wars” from Dizastra!

Filmed by Scratch Takes during the launch show for their brilliant album “Elder Sun” which also happened to be their final show at the iconic Katacombes in Montreal Canada before the venue was shutdown for good at the end of 2019, Blackened Thrash Metal act Dizastra have shared “Mourning Wars“. The album was four years

Review: “The Ascension Of Extinction” by Symphony Of Heaven

Emerging from the mud and rust of southern Indiana in 2017, Symphony of Heaven came appeared on the underground metal scene with their first EP “Of Scars And Soil“, a Melodic Blackened Death Metal debut with lyrical themes of suffering and pain and combining epic symphonic elements with blackened metallic riffs. Wasting no time, the

NEWS: Wratheon return with second single “In Seance”!

The past few years have seen a Tsunami building of Blackened Thrash acts like Canadians Dizastra coming to the fore and combining the nihilistic and meloncholic darkness of Black Metal with the adrenaline fueled riffs of Thrash. Now it’s the turn of Wratheon to entwine the two genres to create an explosion of sound that

Review: “Continua” by Nemesium

When to comes to dark secrets, Australia still has a few untapped resources in the wilderness. One of those is Nemesium, an Extreme Metal act who released their debut EP “Sentient Cognizance” back in 2015 and have since been sharpening their blades, waiting to unleash hell in the form of “Continua“. The quintet, who comprise vocalist

Bootleg: “Dead Ov Night” from Dizastra!

Filmed by Scratch Takes and mixed by Carl Roberge, Canadian Blackened Thrash monsters Dizastra have shared a live cut of “Dead On Night” from the “Elder Sun” album release show. It was a night of mixed emotions as this was the bands final performance at Katacombes in Montreal before it was torn down at the

Review: “Judgement Day” EP from Krvsade

According to Charlotte North Carolina residents Krvsade, “Judgement Day” will serve as an appetizer to a forthcoming main course. So does this mean a second release in 2020 and the possibility of a full length album?! It sounds very much like it could be the case! The quartet – Keegan Dennis (Drums), Arthur Reid (Guitar), Jeb

Review: “Elder Sun” by Dizastra

It seems like we’ve had to wait forever and a day for the debut full length album from Montreal Canada Blackened Thrashers Dizastra. We’ve been following them since their debut EP “Hell’s Gate” which appeared back in 2015 and while a line up change seemed to hold them back, this past summer saw them let