Vs Tuesday: Two Bands. One Song. Who Wins? FIGHT! “We Die Young” by Alice In Chains

Are Alice In Chains more legendary because of what happened to Layne Stanley? Or is it just that certain types of artists will always be tortured souls, extremely good at something creative but the price of that is a self destructive nature?

In the red corner, Nu-Metalcore heroes Cane Hill, so their take on the song, with frontman Elijah Witt’s vocals and the bands overall sound clearly under the influence of the 90s grunge heroes. Their version of “We Die Young” is taken from Metal Hammer Magazine’s 30th Anniversary album “Decades of Destruction”

…And in the Blue corner? Anchorage Alaska born and raised. Fishing is where they’d like to spend most of their days. They also love Guinness. Originally hailing from Anchorage Alaska and later Portland Oregon, Metalcore mainstays 36 Crazyfists took a break and then came back stronger with “Time and Trauma” and “Lanterns”. Guitarist Steven Holt even sits in the producers chair for this one (and the new Skinlab album). Their take on the song comes from Metal Hammer Magazine’s “Metal Hammer Goes 90s”, taking the biscuit from the now infamous Fearless Records series. Who Wins? You decide.


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