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NEWS: Thy Kingdom Will Burn pay tribute to Alexi Laiho!

Call it Melodic Death Metal or simply Dark Metal, Thy Kingdom Will Burn have released a video for ‘Nothing Remains’, a third single taken from the new album ‘The Void and the Vengeance’. Set to be released on May 20th, it’s  the first to feature new guitarist Esa Virén, formerly of To/Die/For and also sees

Exclusive Interview: Kouta talk debut EP “Aarnihauta” and new material!

A Finnish Folk tinged Black Metal act inspired by a love of old Nordic lore, myths and legends Kouta unveiled their debut EP “Aarnihauta” last month, one which thematically tells of the appearance of the mythological being from which the band take their name, whose malevolence brings judgment and despair upon the treacherous mankind. Intrigued

NEWS: Thy Kingdom Will Burn are in disbelief?

Less than 12 months after their debut self titled album Finnish Melodic Death Metallers Thy Kingdom Will Burn are set to return on 20th May with sophomore album “The Void And The Vengeance” which is also their first with new guitarist Esa Virén, formerly of To/Die/For. Engineered, mixed and mastered by Juho Räihä at SoundSpiral

NEWS: Ensiferum play King Canute!

“Run for your life, don’t look behind Run from the lies, don’t apologize Run for the love, we’ll never hide Run from the crushing tide“! After yesterdays news that Ensiferum would be playing a huge 53 co-headlining shows across Europe with Dark Tranquillity next year, the band have chosen the opportune moment to drop a

NEWS: Amoth watch the World burn!

”The Man Who Watches The World Burn” lays down the gauntlet as the first release from the upcoming third album of Finnish Progressive Heavy Metallers Amoth. It will see the return of vocalist Pekka Montin to the helm, as he will now pull double duties, remaining the vocalist and keyboard player in Ensiferum. ”This is

Review: “Fractures” by Dakesis

Progressive Power Metallers Dakesis announced themselves to the World with 2011 debut album “Trial By Fire“, the culmination of three years work having formed in 2008. Vocalist Gemma Lawler, bassist and vocalist Amie Chatterley, guitarist Matt Jones and drummer Adam Harris then made us wait a further 5 years for their sophomore album “New Dawn“,

Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Battery.

We’re going to nail our colours firmly to the mast and admit that for us at Metal Noise, the firm winner by a length when it comes to our favourite Metallica album is “Master Of Puppets“. If a non Metalhead asked that age old question “Who are Metallica?” or even “What is Metal music?”, the