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NEWS: Shadohm announce “Through Darkness Towards Enlightenment”!

Renowned Polish multi-talented metal musician Paul “Pavulon” Jaroszewicz (Vader, Decapitated, Hate, Antigama, Obscure Sphinx) has announced a debut album from a new project titled Shadohm in which he is joined by members of It Follows, Batushka, Antigama and Hore. Prepare yourselves for the latest offering of pure, unadulterated darkness of black metal, energy of groove metal,

Playthrough: “Into the Unknown” from HYL!

HYL, a new Italian and Polish Black Metal act featuring musicians known for their work in Black Altar, Ofermod, Schizo and Krigere Wolf are set to release their debut album via Odium Records on 20th March. A six track affair, the band have shared so far just one cut in “Into the Unknown” in lyric

NEWS: HYL announce themselves with “Into The Unknown”!

Odium Records has announced the debut album of a new Black Metal act called HYL titled “Where Emptiness is All” will be released on 20th March. Available for pre-order here the band will be far from a mystery for genre lovers as it comprises vocalist Shadow (Black Altar, Ofermod), guitarist and bassist Rick “R.C.” Costantino

Review: “Igne” by Symbolical

Originally formed as Symbolic in tribute to Death circa 2012 the Polish Death Metal quartet swiftly changed their moniker to Symbolical before unleashing the Demons from Hells gate in the form of pair of full length albums with 2015’s “Collapse in Agony” and 2018’s “Allegory of Death” being both well received. Eternal forward motion then

NEWS: Vader & Marduk join forces in January!

The chill in the air of the winter of discontent will have a fresh icy blast in January as Polish Death Metal warriors Vader and Swedish Black Metal wizards Murduk co-headline the United Titans tour. It may seem surreal but 29 years ago, “The Ultimate Incantation” was released via Earache Records from Vader and 30 years

Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Celtic.

Sat beside a firepit sharing a bottle of Wild Turkey, the question that we ask is would today’s thriving Avant-garde Metal scene at the moment with Azusa, Rivers Of Nihil and Imperial Triumphant all cutting their way through the undergrowth exist if it wasn’t for bands like Celtic Frost? The Zurich Switzerland formed act began

Exclusive Interview: Chestcrush talk “Vdelygmia”!

Last month saw the release of “Vdelygmia” by Chestcrush, a full debut album that was highly anticipated in these parts after their demo quite literarily landed in our lap courtesy of Cardiff based Record Label FHED who released it on cassette. The brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Evangelos Vasilakos (guitars, bass, lyrics, programming) that fuses Blackend Death

Review: “Vdelygmia” by Chestcrush

After a well received demo that we described as “Fusing elements of Black Metal and Sludge into the mix to make something nightmarish and heavy” in our review, the return of Edinburgh’s Chestcrush for another lethal dose of Blackend Death Metal is intriguing to say the least. The solo project of multi-instrumentalist Evangelos Vasilakos (guitars,

Review: “Human Failures” by Catharsis

When it comes to unique offerings, this sophomore album from Polish Death Metallers Catharsis has to be right up there. It’s been seven years since their last album in 2014’s “Rhyming Life and Death” and prior to that they had only released a pair of demos since starting out in 1992, which doesn’t seem much

Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT. Venom.

Paying tribute to a band from Newcastle upon Tyne who essentially formed a cornerstone foundation block of influence for not only Black Metal and Death Metal but also early 80’s Thrash in Venom, today’s head to head that is Vs. Tuesday has been a long time coming. We simply don’t have enough fingers or toes