Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Celtic.

Sat beside a firepit sharing a bottle of Wild Turkey, the question that we ask is would today’s thriving Avant-garde Metal scene at the moment with Azusa, Rivers Of Nihil and Imperial Triumphant all cutting their way through the undergrowth exist if it wasn’t for bands like Celtic Frost? The Zurich Switzerland formed act began life in 1981 as Hellhammer before changing name and dropping their debut “Morbid Tales” in 1984, beginning as an Extreme Metal act that gradually developed their sound in new mind altering ways before calling time on the band in 2008…

And so to our head to head and two classic bands for this one. Strangely enough in the Red Corner we have Big Four Thrash Kings Anthrax who chose “Dethroned Emperor” for the 2001 remaster of their seventh studio record “Stomp 442” alongside covers of cuts by Hüsker Dü and Kiss. Probably the most underrated of the bands records it’s a personal favourite due to the classic that is “Fueled” (who can forget that classic music video from a time when MTV was actually a thing?!) and of course the much missed Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell dropping a couple of solos. In the Blue Corner we have the mighty Polish Death Metallers Vader who covered the very same classic for their 1996 covers record “Future of the Past” that also includes some stone cold bangers by Dark Angel, Slayer and oddly enough Depeche Mode. They may have been at the coal face since 1983 but in 2020’s “Solitude in Madness” recorded at Grindstone Studios in Suffolk, England with Scott Atkins (Cradle of Filth) who engineered, mixed and produced the album they have an absolute masterpiece of their own. Who wins? You decide!


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