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The Black Map #204: Devastator from Derby!

Our endless journey in concentric circles around the United Kingdom Underground Metal scene continues to week #204 as Metal Noise approaches its 5th Anniversary, celebrating the lesser lights of heaven and talking about bands who have all the talent in the World but need some attention. So for this week’s entry on our Black Map

Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Celtic.

Sat beside a firepit sharing a bottle of Wild Turkey, the question that we ask is would today’s thriving Avant-garde Metal scene at the moment with Azusa, Rivers Of Nihil and Imperial Triumphant all cutting their way through the undergrowth exist if it wasn’t for bands like Celtic Frost? The Zurich Switzerland formed act began

Documentary: Creepy Canada…

The second of a series of Halloween discussion pieces from Canadian Black Metal Werewolf sees him switch from unpopular opinions to strange and mysterious goings on in his native lands, where wolves can tear you limb from limb as fast as bears can just because you set foot on their scent marked territory. He may

NEWS: Reawacan sing the “Sad Serenade”!

The return of German Death Metal duo Reawacan with a new EP in “Pandemic Coverage & Old Schooling” this weekend is an absolute pleasure following their self titled debut album in 2019 and with two new cuts and two covers, of Motörhead and Celtic Frost they have reaffirmed their credentials and if you don’t believe

Review: “Pandemic Coverage & Old Schooling” by Reawacan

After almost a decade of not playing any form of Metal music former Lacrima Christi duo Dan Krieger (vocals, guitar, bass) and Marco Gebert (drums) formed Reawacan (from the old English for “Reawaken” in 2017 in Kassel Germany. Working with German producer Andy Classen the band quickly found the right mix of brutality and melody

Review: “Morbid Delusions” by Nefariym

Taking inspiration from the golden era of early 90’s Death Metal, a time that saw the release of the “Cause Of Death” by Obituary, “Blessed Are The Sick” by Morbid Angel and “Left Hand Path” by Entombed to name but three are Australian old school Death Metal trio Nefariym. An outfit conceived in Melbourne, Australia in

NEWS: Nefariym march on with “Succubus”!

Back in May “A Morbid Delusion” was shared by rising Melbourne, Australian Death Metal trio Nefariym to give the World a taste of what was to come with their golden era of early 90’s Death Metal inspired debut album ‘Morbid Delusions’ set for a 24th September 2021 via Inverse Records. The project that features Mark Kelson

Review: “Neanderthal Tales” EP by CHAKA

When it comes to the description on the label for an alcoholic beverage of choice, sometimes they can be pretty out there. But then not everyone has the same taste buds or sense of smell so they’re not all going to get the flavours that the so called experts who write the text get. That’s