The Black Map #204: Devastator from Derby!

Our endless journey in concentric circles around the United Kingdom Underground Metal scene continues to week #204 as Metal Noise approaches its 5th Anniversary, celebrating the lesser lights of heaven and talking about bands who have all the talent in the World but need some attention. So for this week’s entry on our Black Map we turn our attention to Derby residents Devastator, a Blackened Speed Thrash quartet whose most 2020 Clobber Records released burnt offering “Baptised In Blasphemy” has been very well received. That is their sophomore record, preceded by a 2018 self titled EP as they stepped forth from the gates of Hell with vengeance in their eyes and cuts like “Hail Death” in their armoury. Inspired by the darker side of 80s Thrash in bands like Slayer, Sodom and Kreator as well as being influenced by the original and more primal second wave of Black Metal acts like Venom, Bathory and Celtic Frost they have slowly but surely brought the plague and pestilence to our once green and pleasant land, reducing venues to rubble in their wake. Sharing stages with Hellripper, Hellfekted and Evile as they rose to prominence with new cuts like “Howling Night” and “Worship The Goat” going down a storm during those untamed live performances. So as the bell tolls and the town crier warns of their presence somewhere nearby, be prepared as something wicked this way comes…

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