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Review: “Self Titled” by BrainBath

The rising New Wave Of Scottish Death Metal continues to grow like an oncoming storm with bands like Penny Coffin and Chestcrush joining already established acts like Scordatura and Hellripper helping to resurrect the once considered corpse of a genre, injecting new blood and fresh ideas that are once again building the scene and momentum

The Black Map #204: Devastator from Derby!

Our endless journey in concentric circles around the United Kingdom Underground Metal scene continues to week #204 as Metal Noise approaches its 5th Anniversary, celebrating the lesser lights of heaven and talking about bands who have all the talent in the World but need some attention. So for this week’s entry on our Black Map

The Black Map #171: The Bleeding from London!

It’s that time of the week once again. Time to kick back, nurse that hangover with a strong cup of fresh coffee and read about some of the lesser lights of heaven in The Black Map; a weekly feature dedicated to the Underground Metal scene of the United Kingdom. Today we head to the capital

Review: “Rise To Nothing” by The Bleeding

After a decade of aggression that saw London Death Thrash Metallers The Bleeding unleash the critically-acclaimed debut album “Rites of Absolution” and then hammer home their dominance with 2019’s “Morbid Prophecy“, the pair of which put simply set a very high standard for a ferociously blistering record with influences from Slayer, Morbid Angel and Pestilence

NEWS: The Bleeding announce “Rise To Nothing”!

Introducing new bassist Jordan Muscatello, London Death Metal infused Thrash act The Bleeding are set to return on 14th May with a new EP “Rise To Nothing“, the ferocious title track for which, featuring guest vocals from none other than James McBain of Hellripper is streaming now. Mixed and mastered in Sweden by producer Ronnie

Documentary: Do They Really Hate Metal?

While giving us the recommendation of “The Affair of Poisons” by Hellripper, a Blackend Thrash offering that explores the dark and insidious underworld of Witchcraft, this week our Canadian friend Black Metal Werewolf is asking the question “Do they really hate metal“? Hate is a strong word and people often fear what they do not