The Black Map #24: Renounced from London!

Having purposefully avoided hitting up our fair capital city and mining it for talent, it’s time we took The Black Map to London and gave a mention to Renounced. Having played shows with Stray From The Path last year, the band are about to embark on Harms Way‘s European run with Sanction that will include a set at Upsurge Festival in London next weekend. The Holy Roar Records signings enfuse Hardcore with Metal and with 2016’s “Theories of Despair” they dropped their second full length album in fine form. Wearing their heart on their collective sleeves, they are  influenced by the first wave of Metalcore bands, the likes of Martyr AD, Poison The Well and Turmoil. That’s something that the band themselves are proud of as they declare “Death to false Metalcore”. Unlike their debut “The Melancholy We Ache”, “Theories Of Despair” wasn’t recorded in their drummers bedroom, seeing the band taking a heavier and more technical approach, pushing their song writing ability to a new level.

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