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Bootleg: Harms Way in Philadelphia Pennsylvania!

…with their new album “Common Suffering” still ringing in our ears, a pro-shot full set from Harms Way at The First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia Pennsylvania from 29th October courtesy of hate5six is a Metallic Hardcore lovers dream. If someone asked you to name a band on the heavier side with millions of Spotify streams

Interview: Harm’s Way talk “Common Suffering” with Belgian Jasper!

Having previously assisted in the riff department, when it came to writing and recording “Common Suffering” vocalist James Pligge took a back seat with producer Will Yip (Turnstile, Code Orange) instead pushing the Harm’s Way vocalist to focus on giving the perfect vocal contribution. Pligge sat down with Belgian Jasper to discuss the merciless new record

NEWS: Harm’s Way share “Undertow” with King Woman…

Recorded at Studio 4 in Pennsylvania with producer Will Yip (Turnstile, Code Orange), the new album “Common Suffering” from Chicago’s usually merciless and unrelentingly Harm’s Way has a few twists and turns that you might not have anticipated. Joined by Kristina Esfandiari (King Woman) whose haunting vocals add a whole new dimension to single “Undertow“,

NEWS: Harms Way devour all in their path?

Continuing their ascendency to a higher realm of thought, Chicago Illinois Harms Way have shared “Devour” from their upcoming Metal Blade Records Hardcore meets Metal and Electronics in a brutal fashion album “Common Suffering“. If you’ve heard first single “Silent Wolf” you’ll know it’s going to be just as vicious, angry and cathartic as their

NEWS: Harm’s Way premier “Silent Wolf”!

A prison sentence of five long years after the critically acclaimed “Posthuman“, a new album from Chicago Illinois Industrial Metallic Hardcore heavyweights Harms Way is on the way with “Silent Wolf” not only the first single but the opening track. The album itself is titled “Common Suffering” and will arrive via Metal Blade Records on 29th

Bootleg: Harms Way in Chicago!

Pro-shot at The Metro in Chicago Illinois on 2nd September, here’s a fresh full set from Harm’s Way as they continue to bring down tower blocks and destroy cities with 2018’s fourth studio album “Posthuman“, a devistating piece of razor sharp Metallic Hardcore forged in the fires of Metal and industrial influences. They’ll be supporting The

Review: “S.C.A” by Feast on the Fallen

Formed in the Steel City of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Metallic Hardcore quartet Feast on the Fallen have had their finger on the hair trigger since 2016 and dropped their debut “Hatemonger Demo” a year later recording with producer Jake Bennett and engineer Adam Grabowski of AMP Studios. That tag team also assisted with the follow in

Review: “Most Dangerous Game” by Kharma

Continuing to cut their sonic assaults’ with socially aware lyrical themes such as classism, police brutality and racism that challenge the systems of oppression the Metallic Hardcore act have been challenging since they formed in 2015 are Kharma. Over 2016’s debut “Survival” and it’s follow up in 2018’s “Moment Of Violence“, the Chicago Illinois based

Bootleg: Harms Way in Buffalo New York!

As the Monster Sponsored Rebellion IX European Tour has been postponed, we’re hopeful that Chicago Illinois Hardcore crew Harms Way will be preparing for a follow up to the brilliant “Post Human“. That remix EP was all well and good, but it’s just a stop gap to fill the void. Here’s the band at their

Bootleg: Madball at Chain Reaction!

Yesterday saw the Section H8 set from 29th February 2020 at Chain Reaction in Anaheim California appear on your daily dose of Metal Noise, so today here’s the Pro-Shot headline set from New York Hardcore Punks Madball! In just 11 days time they’ll be tearing across Europe on the Monster Rebellion IX Tour with Harms