The Black Map #69: FLÜX from Milton Keynes!

Seeing as it’s Sunday and the day after Radar Festival, we’re going to cheat a bit on this weeks entry in The Black Map and bring your further attention to a band we saw in action only yesterday. Why? Because we can and they were different and interesting. FLÜX are a trio comprising Guitarist Timfy James (ex-Heart of a Coward, ex-Hacktivist), Bassist Vishal “V” Khetia (Heart of a Coward) and Drummer Perry Smith. What they do is take songs with sing-a-long ability that they take vocal samples from and then inject DJent groove riffs galore! The concept dates back 7 years or more with a DJent version of “Wild Ones” by Flo-Rida featuring Sia credited to Hacktivist appearing online. The project records at Timfy James Old School Studio and played their first show in May with Loathe and Harbinger before an after party slot at Tech-Fest. Here’s their version of “Latch” by Sam Smith and Disclosure.


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