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Review: “Contrast” by Core System

Hailing from northern Croatia, Progressive Metalcore band Core System formed in 2016 and comprises bassist Eugen Baranašić, drummer Luka Bergovec, guitarist Josip Novak and vocalist pairing Ivan Modrić and Lovro Špoljarić. Rather than taking a more conventional route and starting out with an EP while they found their sound, they went the whole nine yards and

NEWS: Hacktivist return to spit fire with “Dogs Of War”!

Taking lyrical inspiration in part from a series of talks by Mark Passio and George Orwell’s themes of “Double Think” and “News Speak”, Hacktivist have followed up their Prodigy cover with a brand new single entitled “Dogs Of War”. What’s more, the tune is accompanied by the news that Milton Keynes DJentlemen will be hitting

The Black Map #69: FLÜX from Milton Keynes!

Seeing as it’s Sunday and the day after Radar Festival, we’re going to cheat a bit on this weeks entry in The Black Map and bring your further attention to a band we saw in action only yesterday. Why? Because we can and they were different and interesting. FLÜX are a trio comprising Guitarist Timfy

Live Review: Radar Festival Day #2: Saturday

If yesterday wasn’t enough then we’re back for day #2! As you might expect, members of many of the bands performing yesterday are here to watch the other sets with members of Harbinger, Arcaeon and Valis Ablaze all taking in sets on both days while former members of Fraktions, Break Fifty and Diablous are in

Live Review: Radar Festival Day #1: Friday

We’re at the first incarnation of a brand new Progressive Metal Festival in Guildford Surrey, taking place in a Casino a stones throw from the train station. It promises two days of wall to wall Metal with a wide range of bands we know well taking to a pair of stages with no overlapping sets.

Live Review: UK Tech-Fest afterthoughts

It’s been just 7 days since we left Newark Showgrounds after another triumphant incarnation of Tech-Fest, thanks to Simon Garrod and the team. The Festival that inspired the creation of Metal Noise back in August 2017 has completed its 8th year and remains the King of the Underground Metal Scene, the UK’s equivalent of Euroblast.

Interview: Heart of a Coward at Download Festival!

Arising Empire seem to be the label that dreams are made of as far as Milton Keynes DJentlemen Heart of a Coward are concerned. Having smashed out a whole sequence of interview snippets in promoting new album “The Disconnect”, they’ve now added to that with this one around the bands appearance at Download Festival!  

Interview: Heart of a Coward talk new album #9 & #10!

Download Festival being this Weekend and Radar Festival coming up in August and Heart of a Coward have kept their interview series running with bassist Vishal “V” Khetia talking about his touring experiences over the Milton Keynes DJentlemen’s history. But before that, here are his tips for budding musicians! Their new album “The Disconnect” is

Review: “Nails” by The Silence Between Us

Bridging the gap between Deathcore, Death Metal and Metalcore are The Silence Between Us from Venice Italy. As bands like Whitechapel and Betraying the Martyrs are moving away from their roots and demonstrating there is more to them than meets the eye, The Silence Between Us are aiming to go straight in at that level