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Bootleg: Loathe in Philadelphia Pennsylvania!

When we saw Loathe in front of 50 people at a now defunct venue called Sanctuary in the era of “The Cold Sun“, never did we expect the meteoric rise that would take the band to the US to play shows with Code Orange. Pro-shot on 4th May at The First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia

NEWS: Pulse open Layne Staley’s jar…

Just a day after their first home town show saw them share a stage with with In Fear and Creak at Subside in Birmingham, Midlands Nu-Metalcore quartet Pulse have returned with “Flies“, their second single of 2022. Both follow debut EP “ourpulseisyours” which was released in deluxe 8 track edition in November with a trio

Playthrough: “New Faces In The Dark” from Loathe!

Returning to the US with Code Orange, Gloom Metal pioneers Loathe have seemingly taken the next step in their journey to World domination, playing Canada for the first time as part of the run. As 2020’s “I Let It In And It Took Everything” has taken them to new heights, dedicated drum cam footage of

Playthrough: “Broken Vision Rhythm” from Loathe!

Caught on camera at the iconic Glasshouse in Pomona California, Loathe drummer Sean Radcliffe lays down “Broken Vision Rhythm” for all the World to see. The Liverpool based Gloom Metal pioneers have started a run of shows in the US with Code Orange, Vended and Dying Wish where they have received a lot of love

Bootleg: God Complex in Liverpool (The Final Show)!

After vocalist Harry Rule exited stage left to join Blood Youth left them something to think about, the much loved God Complex decided to call time on the band after one last show and the release of an album that has been waiting in the wings. The show took place at Zanzibar in Liverpool Merseyside on

Bootleg: “Worthy Host” from God Complex!

Courtesy of Snakebite TV, here’s footage of the now defunct God Complex performing “Worthy Host” with Kadeem France of Loathe at Zanzibar in Liverpool. The final track of the bands debut and final album “To Decay In A Deathless World” with vocalist Harry Rule joining Blood Youth although with them releasing an album shortly before his

NEWS: Loathe ask Sleep Token who they really are!

The third single in a collaborative series sees Gloom Metal Pioneers Loathe let Sleep Token rework “Is It Really You?” from their current album “I Let It In And It Took Everything“, a cut which already has 4.8m Spotify streams in its own right. Curiously unlike the previous pair of cuts this one doesn’t have

NEWS: Stoneside welcome us to The Desert Hell…

After the announcement that one of their upcoming new cuts “My Love/My Tomb” features a guest appearance from producer and former Loathe guitarist Connor Sweeney, Stoneside have shared “Hell” from their upcoming sophomore EP “The Desert“. Reading between the lines of their social media campaign it looks as though the affair will feature seven cuts

NEWS: Loathe prepare their wrists…

Gloom Metal pioneers Loathe have continued their collaboration series with a rendition of “Is It Really You?” from their 2020 album “I Let It In And It Took Everything” that sees the track re-imagined with Teenage Wrist with the promise of part #3 on 3rd February. It follows “Dimorphous Display” which was created in collaboration