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NEWS: Detest return to “Asphyxiate”!

Loathe guitarist Connor Sweeney has been racking up the credits for his work on the boards of late with the latest addition to his list being Manchester Deathcore collective Detest for whom he’s handled mixing and mastering on their new track “Asphyxiate“. It’s the bands first release as a quartet having lost guitarist Luke Lomas and

Review: “All Hell Broke Loose” by Huminoid

Originally starting out as a Death Metal act 2017 and evolving over numerous line up changes into a Metallic Hardcore beast that isn’t afraid of boundaries or becoming fixed on a particular style are Huminoid. They cite influence in Hardcore and Metalcore of the late 90’s and early 2000’s and hailing from Manado, Indonesia the

Bootleg: “Servant and Master” from Loathe!

Celebrating rasing £5.5k for the Save Our Venues campaign, Moshhh have shared “Servant and Master” from Loathe cut from their set at the Heavy Music Awards in 2019. You know, when we all used to descend upon venues up and down the land to watch bands take to stages and listen to them perform songs

NEWS: Bleach and Starved hitting the road in February 2021!

Gearing up to get back on the road in 2021, Manchester Hardcore quartet Bleach and Starved have announced a co-headlining 8 show run in February. September 2018 saw Bleach drop “Disconnect”, a four track debut EP recorded, mixed and mastered by Loathe guitarist Erik Bickerstaffe, so we could be expecting new material before this run…

Review: “DCX2” by Diamond Construct

Back in July it was announced that the Australian dream team were back giving a helping hand to Diamond Construct with Lance Prenc (Polaris, Gravemind, Void Of Vision) recording, mixing and mastering this new EP and Colin Jeffs (ex-Aversions Crown, Tongues) directing a music video for “Psychosis”. The band, a Tech-Metal infused Metalcore quartet, comprising vocalist

NEWS: Mortal Shift crack open the “Golden Ribcage”!

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Loathe guitarist Connor Sweeney and with a lyric video from Joseph Wafford of Cold Bloom Clothing, Mortal Shift have chosen “Golden Ribcage” as a single from July EP “Stick To The Evil You Know“. Interestingly the EP cuts January 2020 single “Noise” adrift as stand alone.

Review: “Bitter Picture” by Creak

Calling themselves a Grove orientated Nu-Metalcore band, Creak hail from Newcastle upon Tyne. After a pair of singles in 2019 gained them plenty of attention, including “(W)retch”, which features a guest appearance from Loathe guitarist Connor Sweeny, the quartet of vocalist Jack Dunn, guitarist Patrick Morton, bassist Josh Wanless and drummer Robert Wilkinson have gone and

Review: “Fiend” by Morphiend

Keeping their collective identities and location under wraps for now, a Nu-Metalcore band going by the name Morphiend announced their signing to label We Are Triumphant with a single entitled “Dopamine“. They have now separated from their work with Chugcore Promotions, however another two singles later and we have a full EP that features a

Playthrough: “Guilt” from Smile!

The fact that “What A Wonderful World“, the debut EP from Swiss Hardcore mob Smile is mixed and mastered by none other than Loathe guitarist Erik Bickerstaffe is something that heightens interest level before you e even heard a track. It’s a stamp of approval on their EP which is a really solid start to