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Playthrough: Full Set from Loathe!

Pro-Shot by Daniel Howard of Nefarious Youth fame, here’s dedicated drum cam footage of Sean Radcliffe from Loathe during their set at last summer’s incarnation of Upsurge Festival. The set took place on 18th August at the New Cross Inn in London with the Liverpool Gloom Kings being announced as a special guest for the

Review: “What A Wonderful World” EP by Smile

“I see skies of blue and clouds of white, The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night, And I think to myself what a wonderful World” sang Jazz Legend Louis Armstrong back in 1967 and the title of the song has been chosen by Swiss Hardcore act Smile for an EP that took them a

Bootleg: Smile in Porrentruy, Switzerland!

Just over a year ago, on 28th April 2019, Swiss Heavy Hardcore act Smile took to the stage for the very first time, performing a full set in their rehearsal room in Porrentruy Switzerland in front of an audience of friends. Including “Agoge” and “Ruined From Above” from their debut EP “What A Wonderful World“,

Bootleg: MTXS in Liverpool!

Have you felt the ache? The sophomore album from MTXS saw them tap up Loathe Guitarist Eric Bickerstaffe to produce the follow up to their 2017 self titled debut and to try and capture some of that live magic which they are renowned for. 16th February saw them play Kazimier in Liverpool and it was filmed

NEWS: Metal Hammer “Best 20 Metal Albums Of 2020 So Far”?

It’s nice to see Loathe and Sylosis alongside the legendary Thrash act Testament on Metal Hammers “Best 20 Metal Albums Of 2020 So Far“. It’s a timely reminder that a pair of our finest British acts have what it takes to compete on a Global scale and also provides a set of albums that could

Bootleg: “Gored” from Loathe!

So the Heavy Music Awards have been delayed but there is still fresh footage from the 2019 edition emerging, like “Gored” from Loathe, which happens to be one of the finer moments on their sophomore album “I Let It In And It Took Everything“.

Bootleg: God Complex in Liverpool!

Sunday 16th February 2020 saw Loathe play a sold out in seconds headlining show at Kazimier in their home town of Liverpool as they brought the curtain down on their first run of shows for new album “I Let It In And It Took Everything“. The show was filmed by David Tan and Ollie Wood

Bootleg: Loathe in Liverpool!

Playing a secret show that was sold out in seconds and pro-shot by David Tan and Ollie Wood, here’s a full set from Loathe from 16th February. It took place in the Kazimier Storeroom in Liverpool as the band continue to launch sophomore album “I Let It In And It Took Everything” out now via

NEWS: Tech-Fest announce second wave of bands!

And boom! Tech-Fest have announced their second wave of bands for the 2020 incarnation of the annual pilgrimage to Newark Showgrounds as it enters it’s 9th year! Interestingly having announced their appearance at Fury Fest in April as a one off, Martyr Defiled are back on the bill having called it a day. Reflections have

Interview: Loathe talk “I Let It In And It Took Everything”!

Back in December 2019, Loathe vocalist Kadeem France spoke to The Mike James Rock Show about their upcoming new album “I Let It In And It Took Everything” in an interview held back until the album release date. Having waited almost 2 years for the album to appear it’s unsurprising that the quote from France