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NEWS: Pulse get heavy with “Enmity”!

As they continue to promote their debut EP “ourpulseisyours”, Nu-Metalcore out Pulse have dropped a music video for “Enmity“, a cut that features a guest vocal appearance from James Freeman of Starved. Be warned that while the incendiary riffage mixed and mastered by former Loathe guitarist Connor Sweeney from a band fronted by former Harbinger

NEWS: Loathe headlining in December!

Having missed out on Bloodstock but returned to the stage for Reading and Leeds Festivals this past weekend, Liverpool Gloom Metal pioneers Loathe have announced a headlining tour that will  see them play “I Let It In And It Took Everything” in it’s entirety at nine shows with Slow Crush and Modern Error in December.

NEWS: Pulse question our sanity?

Having celebrated the first anniversary of their first single “Worthless” last month, much loved in the USA Nu-Metalcore outfit Pulse who feature former Harbinger vocalist Thom Gardner in the ranks have unveiled their first music video. They have gone back to their debut EP “ourpulseisyours” which is mixed and mastered by Loathe guitarist Connor Sweeny

Review: “The Water” by Stoneside

“I speak with the dead. They tell me their stories. I speak their stories to life again in music.” ~ Crane, Stoneside. There is a lot of mystery that surrounds Brookshire Texas residents Stoneside; they announced themselves with “History of Violence” as a duo comprising writer, vocalist, instruments and co-arranger Crane and drummer and co-arranger

NEWS: Centuries reborn in “Godless” times?

The first piece of work to appear from the sessions which took place at the iconic Middle Farm Studios in Devon sees London Tech-Metal inspired quintet Centuries unveil “Godless“. It marks the start of a new chapter for the band who have been working with Producer George Lever in the material to follow their groundbreaking 2019

NEWS: Pulse aren’t ones for taking liberties!

Track number #4 of #6 from the debut epilogue “ourpulseisyours” that sees former Harbinger vocalist Thom Gardner reborn in Nu-Metalcore outfit Pulse has surfaced. Entitled “Liberty”, it sees Loathe guitarist Connor Sweeny, who also Mixed and Mastered the affair out 2nd April make a timely guest appearance. It had to happen and having seen Gardner

NEWS: Loathe take “The Things They Believe” visual!

Gloom Metal pioneers Loathe have presented us with a visual accompaniment to their surprise released ambient instrumental record “The Things They Believe“, a full 35 minutes and 35 seconds, via SharpTone Records. It appears the day before vocalist Kadeem France takes his place alongside a plethora of other talent on the re-imagined version of “Hyperdaze”

NEWS: Void Of Vision announce “Hyperdaze” (Redux)!

…with a third and final single in the form of “Splinter” that sees them joined by Kadeem France of Liverpool Gloom Metal pioneers Loathe, Australian Nu-Metalcore merchants Void Of Vision have announced that 5th March will see their re-imagined version of last year’s “Hyperdaze” record appearing in full. The previous singles have seen them joined by

Playthrough: “Gored” from Loathe!

It’s been one hell of a week for Liverpool Gloom Metal pioneers Loathe. A surprise released ambient instrumental album entitled “The Things They Believe” appeared out of no-where on streaming platforms with this article appearing in Kerrang! Magazine at the same time and now Erik Bickerstaffe and Connor Sweeney have got their finest clobber on

NEWS: Pulse search for the pure…

Mixed and Mastered by Loathe guitarist Connor Sweeney, the return of former Harbinger vocalist Tom Gardner will be cemented when his new outfit Pulse deliver their debut 7 track record “yourpulseisours” on 9th April 2021. They’ve dropped their third single “Purity” with a video that features flashing imagery and a guest vocal appearance from Jack