NEWS: Guilt premier first music video with “Territorial”!

Continuing on the path upon which Gods fear to tread, the being formerly known as Drifted and reborn as Guilt have unleashed a second single and first music video in “Territorial“. Once again produced by former Loathe guitarist Connor Sweeney (Creak, Pulse, Starved) this one builds upon the foundation of skulls in “Swerve” with one that acts like a Boa Constrictor. Getting you in a choke hold and crushing the life out of you with catastrophic inevitability.

On the track, drummer Ben Hampshire states: “In the case of ‘Territorial,’ the unrelenting energy of the song serves as a healthy means of channeling aggression. We hope that listeners will find solace in the dissonance and find their own ways to use the song as a tool for coping with intense emotions.

Guitarist Forrest adds to that sentiment, saying, “Heavy music is an outlet for these feelings for us. There is something special about listening to a stupidly heavy song. It channels all negative emotions you feel in dissonant harmony with the song, and the song becomes the theme song of your troubles

The video, filmed by Loki Films (Lorna Shore, Architects, Thy Art Is Murder), sees the quartet ripping through the cut in the confines of an abandoned police station. “We chose ‘Territorial’ as our debut music video because we believe it represents the sound we are working towards the best. It’s meaty and relentless riffs with no f*cking about; we just want people to vibe with it” says Forrest.

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