The Black Map 74: The Colony from Glasgow!

Formed just over a decade ago in Glasgow Scotland, The Colony have consistently released an album every 2 years since their debut EP “Romper Stomper” in 2011. That has taken the 5 piece Metal act on journeys into the Eastern Europe and Ireland with festival appearances in Romania so name but a few. 28th September is the X that marks the spot for The Colony. That’s the date that their 4th studio album “Smoke And Mirrors” will appear with new guitarist Tristan Dales officially in the fold. The band comment: “So the time has come to finally announce that we have found our new guitarist! Tristan has been working with us over the last few years making music videos, videoing gigs and taking pictures of all our antics. It’s now time for him to join in on the antics. Good luck dude you’re going to need it!” So here is the official music video for new song “Here We Stand” for your viewing pleasure!


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