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NEWS: Endless Chain kneel before the Blind Kings?

Finnish melancholic Melodic Death Metal band Endless Chain hits the table with a real metal anthem ”Blind Kings”, featuring no less than three guest appearances with the quartet are joined by from Sami-Yli Sirniö (Kreator), Samuli Mikkonen (Korpiklaani) and Ville Hovi (Blackstar Halo) for it. The song, whose style echoes early sound of the Gothenburg

Bootleg: Kreator at Bloodstock Open Air Festival!

Rather than a trip back to last summer, the latest offering from Bloodstock Open Air Festival is the full set from German Thrash masters Kreator from 2021 in full pro-shot technicolor glory. It took place on the Ronnie James Dio main stage and offers everything from “People Of The Lie” to “Hordes Of Chaos“. We

Live Review: Lamb Of God w/Kreator and Sylosis at Wembley Arena!

Three years, a Global Pandemic and a venue change later and tonight we’re on our way to Wembley Arena to witness Richmond Virginia heavyweights Lamb Of God take to the stage alongside Kreator and Sylosis in what has to be the hottest ticket in town. Branded the State Of Unrest European tour trek, it seems

Bootleg: “Raining Blood” from Zarraza!

Recorded during “Kreated In Blood Tour” in September 2022 at Dorock Club in Istanbul, Extreme Metal act Zarraza have shared their cover of “Raining Blood” by Slayer in all its glory. The cut is one of a holy trinity to make the grade for their EP of the same name with works by Gojira and

Review: “Snake Oil” by King Abyss

There can be no hiding from the fact that we use phrases like “highly anticipated” far too often than we probably should and arguably that’s to the detriment of some records with some members of Joe Public simply brushing the phase off as “media hype“. The truth is that when it comes to the debut

NEWS: Lamb Of God and Kreator join forces for “State Of Unrest”!

They say that to expect the unexpected shows a thoroughly modern intellect but the last thing we expected was a new single that finds members of German Thrash Metal legends Kreator joining forces with members of Lamb Of God ahead of the bands co-headlining “State Of Unrest” European tour trek that goes by the same

Bootleg: Lamb Of God in Portland Oregon!

11th October saw hate5six invited to Portland Oregon to film a live show from Lamb Of God around their new record “Omens“, the final presentation of which has appeared online for your viewing pleasure. The American Groove Metal Kings are due upon our shores in March on a run originally titled The Civil Unrest Tour and

Exclusive Interview: Mortal Chains talk self titled debut EP!

The brainchild of guitarist and vocalist Martin Elliott, Durham Death Thrash trio Mortal Chains have set sail on the seven seas of Metal with their maiden voyage a self titled EP that strikes a chord with an Old School sound created with the help of Neil Combstock at Rocking Horse Studios across five intriguing cuts.

NEWS: It’s time to get bloody with Zarraza!

Claiming to have destroyed a trio of Metal classics from Slayer, Kreator and Gojira by adding Kazakh ethnic instruments to the mix on their own renditions including kyl-kobyz, shan-kobyz and throat singing are Kazakhstan Metallers Zarraza. Except they haven’t because we’ve already heard it for a forthcoming review and it is hands down one of