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NEWS: It’s time to get bloody with Zarraza!

Claiming to have destroyed a trio of Metal classics from Slayer, Kreator and Gojira by adding Kazakh ethnic instruments to the mix on their own renditions including kyl-kobyz, shan-kobyz and throat singing are Kazakhstan Metallers Zarraza. Except they haven’t because we’ve already heard it for a forthcoming review and it is hands down one of

The Black Map #204: Devastator from Derby!

Our endless journey in concentric circles around the United Kingdom Underground Metal scene continues to week #204 as Metal Noise approaches its 5th Anniversary, celebrating the lesser lights of heaven and talking about bands who have all the talent in the World but need some attention. So for this week’s entry on our Black Map

Interview: Kreator talk new album with Impact Metal!

Impact Metal have turned back the hands of time and shared a previously unreleased interview split into two parts with former DragonForce and Kreator bassist and Sinsaeum guitarist Frédéric Alexandre “Fred” Leclercq ahead of a show in Budapest Hungary on 17th August. Discussion ranges from influences to new bands, from the much missed Joey Jordison to

Review: “Forsaken Dynasty” by Blasphemous Creation

Hailing from Reno Nevada, Blasphemous Creation are a Thrash Metal infused Death Metal quartet who have been crafting their sound since 2006. In that time the quartet, who now consist of Isaac Wilson (vocals, guitar), Joe Amos (guitar), TJ Taughlin (bass, backing vocals) and Evan Richardson (drums) have gone through a couple of line up

Interview: Frédéric Leclercq talks Sepultura!

As the countdown to the rescheduled live shows from Brazilian Thrash Gods Sepultura continues, they’ve shared an interview with Kreator and Sinsaenum bassist Frédéric Leclercq in which he shares not only his love for the band but also why he joined them on their upcoming guest filled album. But that’s not all as drummer Eloy Casagrande

Bootleg: “People Of The Lie” from Kreator!

As the countdown to what could be the only major Metal Festival in the UK in 2021 continues, Bloodstock Open Air Festival have shared pro-shot footage of “People Of The Lie” cut from the set of German Metal Gods Kreator. The track was originally recorded for their 1990 album “Coma of Souls” and they’re set

Bootleg: “Civilization Collapse” from Kreator!

German Metal Gods Kreator are set to support Lamb Of God on the Civil Unrest tour once it’s safe to set food outside our doors once again so Bloodstock have rewound to their 2017 event and the Ronnie James Dio stage for “Civilization Collapse” from them. A cut from the Thrash acts 13th Studio Record

Bootleg: “Violent Revolution” from Kreator!

Earlier this week Far Out Magazine shared the eclectic list of James Hatfield’s favourite songs of all time with a few noteable absentees, including Motorhead and the Metallica frontman’s choices can be checked out here. In the meantime, being the most tenuous link ever, the team behind Bloodstock have once again been going through the

Bootleg: Kreator in San Paulo!

We’ve got our fingers crossed that when it does eventually happen, Richmond Virginia Groove Metallers Lamb of God will be jointed by Thrash legends Kreator for the postponed Civil Unrest tour. In the meantime, here’s a full set from the Germans in San Paulo Brazil at Liberation Fest on 17th November 2018. The set includes