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Bootleg: Butcher Babies in Las Vegas!

2020 looked set to be a year that Butcher Babies returned with a new fourth studio album having been announced at various European Metal Festivals this summer including the 20th Anniversary of Bloodstock. But it hasn’t happened and instead Heidi Shepherd and Henry Flury have been entertaining is with live stream coffee mornings. The band

NEWS: Frog Leap pay tribute to Run DMC!

How important was Run DMC‘s collaboration with Aerosmith for “Walk This Way“? Just as important as the collaboration between Anthrax and Public Enemy. Leo Moracchioli from Frog Leap Studios in Norway has paid tribute to the Queen’s New York trio with a a cover of their 1986 single “It’s Tricky” in full Metal Jacket style.

Riff Police! Pull Over! #116: Suicidal Tendencies Vs Cradle Of Filth!

1987 saw the second album “Join The Army” from American Crossover Thrash act Suicidal Tendencies appear four long years after their debut. Recorded with Lester Claypool at Record Plant Studios in Los Angeles California. Line up changes meant that while he never actually recorded any music, former guitarist Jon Nelson, who was in the band

Review: “Hunter Gatherer” by Avatar

In 2019 Avatar reunited with producer Jay Ruston (Stone Sour, Slipknot, Anthrax) at Sphere Studios in Los Angeles, California, where the foundation for each song on Hunter Gatherer was laid with the band performing altogether, as they’d done only once before on 2014’s “Hail the Apocalypse“. Aimed at capturing the bands live energy by allowing

Review: “Into Chaos” by From The Ruins

Formed in Reno Nevada in 2016, From The Ruins are a Thrash Metal quintet of some repute. Having torn up the West Coast with a sound which is built around the machine gun riffing of Chuck Reyome and Scott Schlingheyde, they cite influences in Death Angel, Kreator and Slayer as well as some of the melody and progressive tendencies of early 

Review: “Ascend To The Throne” by Saints Of Death

Originally starting out as a Motorhead tribute band, Vancouver Canada quartet Saints of Death are an outfit with a unique selling point – they have two bassists in their ranks. Inspired by the Mexican folklore of Santa Muerte (Spanish for Holy Death), the band are fronted by vocalist and eight-string bassist Twan Holliday, a beast

Throwback: “Fueled” by Anthrax!

Being the only one of the “Big Four” of Thrash from the East Coast, Anthrax always seemed at odds with the composition of the quartet, especially given the strength of Exodus and Testament as pretenders to the thrown, not to mention Overkill. Back in 1995, after the success of the bands first album with Armored Saint

Interview: “Quadra” Q&A part #9 from Sepultura!

Introduced by vocalist Derrick Green, part #9 of the “Quadra” Q&A series from Brazilian Thrash Metallers Sepultura is once again in Portuguese with that being the native language of their guest, Silvio “BBK” Homes, the studio engineer from the recording of the bands 1993 album “Chaos A.D.“. Intriguingly, the band are joined by Anthrax guitarist

Bootleg: Kreator in Chile!

Sponsored by Liquid Death Mountain Water, the organizers of Knotfest have followed up Anthrax visit to Chile with one from German Thrash Metallers Kreator. Pro-shot at the Movistar Arena in Santiago Chile in 2018 and including “Hail to the Hordes“, “Civilization Collapse” and “Gods of Violence” it’s a powerhouse affair from a band 38 years