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Bootleg: “From Out Of Nowhere” from Tiberius!

Following a number of very well put together lockdown sessions including Tech-Fest at home, Edinburgh Progressive Metallers Tiberius have taken some time to learn a stone cold classic. That would be “From Out Of Nowhere” by Faith No More, something ripped up by the likes of Five Finger Death Punch and the only time that

NEWS: Let Us Prey enter the ghost realm…

…with just 14 days to go until Let Us Prey drop “Virtues Of The Vicious” via M-Theory Audio, the band have shared a lyric video for “Ghost Echoes“. To whet your appetite for the album, let us tell you that it was recorded by Nick Bellmore (Hatebreed, Toxic Holocaust, Five Finger Death Punch) and Pete Rutcho

Riff Police! Pull Over! #102: HellgardeN Vs Pantera!

There are bands that influence a generation of musicians or create a new subgenre of music… and then there is Pantera. One of the most influential Metal albums of 90’s and arguably their best record, “Vulgar Display Of Power” remains exactly that to this day. 28 years after it first appeared, it still sounds as good

Listmania: The Metal Tris talks albums of the Decade #1!

It seems that Listmania season will be starting earlier this year with a whole bunch of “Albums of the Decade” lists begining to surface. Some of those lists are horrendously long and frankly if you’re name checking over a hundred albums with the standard names (Metallica, Megadeth, Five Finger Death Punch…) that seem to appear

Documentary: How To Sound Like… Megadeth!

Toska Guitarist Rabea Massaad tells us how to go about getting the guitar sound to mimic Big Four Thrash legends Megadeth and more importantly hammers out some riffs in the latest entry in the Andertons Music long running series “Without Busting The Bank”! Their timing couldn’t be any better with Dave Mustaine and his friends upon our

Review: “Siren” by Blackstar Halo

Blackstar Halo released their debut album “Illuminated” in 2010, having been together under a different name for a decade. The album was pre-released nationwide in then prominent film rental chain ”Filmtown” along with a music video for the title track made by Energia productions and Obscure entertainment who created Star Wreck and Iron Sky. Fast

NEWS: Megadeth in Hanger 18 in January!

Quite how they’ve managed to do it, we don’t know but the Thrash legends that are Megadeth will be joining Bad Wolves in supporting Five Finger Death Punch on a European Tour that will land in the UK for a pair of dates in January. That of course means that should he be needed due

Review: “Disguise” by Motionless In White

At some point after their debut album “Creatures” appeared on the scene there was an interview with Motionless In White frontman Chris Motionless in which he said his band were not going to be another chuga-chuga-metal band like Of Mice & Men. What followed that was a style shift from the bands Metalcore with Gothic

Spotlight: Most Metal Streams?

Metal Sucks have put together a list of the most streamed Metal acts on Spotify, courtesy of the Spotify Wrapped campaign which started releasing its statistics to the unsuspecting World last week. The list contains more than a few surprises with bands who haven’t released material in several years like Throwdown managing to a achieve

Spotlight: The Return of Static-X!

Having taken the time to digest the announcement that the remaining members of the original line-up of Static-X (Bassist Tony Campos, Drummer Ken Jay & Guitarist Koichi Fukuda) are reforming the band to record a new album “Project Regeneration” and tour the World for the 20th Anniversary of “Wisconsin Death Trip”, it’s time we talked about