Throwback: “Suffocate” by Motogrator!

There is a name that is mentioned all too often in certain Metal circles, largely down to a revolving door of some 35 odd musicians at least having been part of a particular band over their 25 year career. That band was Motogrator, who formed way back in 1995 in Santa Barbara California and took their name from a custom instrument they created from industrial cable and guitar pieces that creates a unique bass sound. In their ranks they have included now Five Finger Death Punch vocalist Ivan Moody, former The Browning and current Nothing drummer Noah “Shark” Robertson and Michael “Angel” Woodruff, now in Cultus Black. They only managed a pair of albums despite playing live shows with everyone and anyone, painted in a tribal style body paint. Their most successful period came around their 2003 self titled album with singles “Down” and “Suffocate“, the later of which appeared on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre soundtrack alongside the likes of Pantera and Soil

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