The Black Map #207: eyesnomouth from Bath!

Tell me Mr Anderson. What good is a phone call if you’re unable to speak?“. The scene from the original Matrix movie in which Keanu Reeves mouth disappears in the interrogation room moments before he’s bugged is coincidentally the image depicted by the name that Bath Summerset outfit eyesnomouth have taken as their own. A seemingly ever changing lineup since forming in 2017 sees Ashley Easton as the only consistent member of the group, a multi instrumentalist who with their current burnt offering “Nihil” has switched to guitars in order to accommodate those musicians who join him in vocalist Aiden Reed, guitarist Rob Porch, bass and backing vocalist Corey Millard and drummer Steve Curtis. Their style may have shifted somewhat over the trio of EPs they have released over five years but according to Easton the bands sound now is the closest it’s ever been to his vision for the group. Dark, self loathing and introspective lyrics from the heavier end of Nu-Metal, cathartically combined with Hardcore energy, Sludge Metal guitar tones and Death Metal abrasions to create Blackened Hardcore of the highest order. New material is said to be in the the works so keep your eyes peeled, ears to the ground and follow them in all the usual places if you take our advice, check them out and subsequently enjoy what they have to offer…

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