The Black Map #189: The Head of the Traitor from Glasgow!

From Brighton and Glower we head North of the border to Scotland for this week’s entry in our Underground Map of the United Kingdom Underground Metal scene to talk about a band whose line up are spread between Aryshire and Glasgow. Taking influence from Chelsea Grin, Whitechapel and Thy Art Is Murder, the vision of The Head Of The Traitor is to bring Symphonic touches to Deathcore and tag teamed in Alex Ives from Litterbox Massacre for their second single “The Beginning“. That was the feel good hit of the summer with a still in the pipeline debut EP of the same name that has already served up “Forest Of The Impaled” with Quinn Harknett lending his throat. Artwork has been around since April begging the question, just how long are we going to have to wait for the twelve legged beast to provide us with the main course? While the answer to that remains shrouded in a cloak of mystery, the band have been ripping up the road with Monasteries, Bearers, The Colony, Azazel and Dominicide all feeling the heat of sharing a stage with a group whose ferocity is like standing next to a burning wreckage. So if you like bowel clenching gutterals, dark atmospheric synths, menacing riffs and sparing used but brutally effective breakdowns for breakfast, then keep your eyes out for these dudes.

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