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NEWS: Genus Ordinis Dei fear the new God?

A third of four conjoined music videos that complete part of the story of “The Beginning“, the fourth studio album from Symphonic Death Metal band Genus Ordinis Dei has aired in “For A New God“. A concept record described as “redefining the way we listen to music and process cinematic theater“, it is slated for

NEWS: Genus Ordinis Dei unveil “Genesis”!

Seemingly the concept album to end all concept albums, “The Beginning” from Italian ground breaking Symphonic Death Metal trio Genus Ordinis Dei is set to premier on 8th December via Eclipse Records. Having already offered up a taste with a cinematic music video for “Changing Star“, the band have utilized the skills of Steve Saints

NEWS: Genus Ordinis Dei return to the dawn of Mankind…

A fourth studio album “The Beginning” from Symphonic Death Metal band Genus Ordinis Dei is set scheduled to be released on 8th December via Eclipse Records and will be preceded by four cinematic music videos. “Changing Star” is the first of those, introducing a Brother and a Sister character at the dawn of mankind, navigating a

NEWS: Ryker’s pay tribute to Manowar!

It might be April 1st but we’re not looking when we say that celebrating 20 years of No Balls Records, German Hardcore crew Ryker’s have dropped a new 7″ vinyl titled “Man Of War“. It is of course a tribute to Manowar and features a guest appearance from Rich O’Brien of Darkside NYC. Limited to

NEWS: Ryker’s give us a blast from the past!

What do you call a Dinosaur fart? A blast from the past! That also happens to be the name of the cut that German Hardcore Homewreckers Ryker’s have chosen from their new BDHW released album “Our Cause Was Noble” for a music video, confirming that original vocalist Kid-D is in fact back in the group.

NEWS: Ryker’s shatter the thunderdome!

Having skillfully kept it under wraps until the pre-orders were ready, Ryker’s have now officially announced that the follow up to “The Beginning” will drop on 5th August via BDHW Records. One called “Our Cause Was Noble“, the news has been conjoined to the second single “When The Dam Has Broken” which takes no prisoners

NEWS: Ryker’s unveil “Bread & Circuses”!

“Democracy for you and me, Just a faded dream from our history, Reality just proves you wrong. Do you still know where you belong? Bread and Circuses, Keep ‘em quiet, Before they think, And start a riot (All) debates just died, just chose your side, it’s black or white, it’s wrong or right” …with a

NEWS: Where’s My Bible fly from the nest!

Six years after their debut EP, the cunningly titled “The Beginning” appeared in a puff of smoke above a Witches cauldron, the third chapter in the tale of “Circle” from Finnish Heinola-based Metal band Where’s My Bible has been reveiled in “Nest“. The band are set to give us a music video for each one

The Black Map #189: The Head of the Traitor from Glasgow!

From Brighton and Glower we head North of the border to Scotland for this week’s entry in our Underground Map of the United Kingdom Underground Metal scene to talk about a band whose line up are spread between Aryshire and Glasgow. Taking influence from Chelsea Grin, Whitechapel and Thy Art Is Murder, the vision of

Bootleg: Ryker’s in Hannover!

Resurrected from decaying tape and transferred into the digital World, here’s a full set from German Hardcore crew Ryker’s in Hannover Germany opening for Sick Of It All at the Musiktheatre Bad on 2nd July 1994. If you missed it, we recommend their latest offering “The Beginning” which dropped back in May 2019 via BDHW