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The Black Map #189: The Head of the Traitor from Glasgow!

From Brighton and Glower we head North of the border to Scotland for this week’s entry in our Underground Map of the United Kingdom Underground Metal scene to talk about a band whose line up are spread between Aryshire and Glasgow. Taking influence from Chelsea Grin, Whitechapel and Thy Art Is Murder, the vision of

NEWS: Death is only the beginning for The Head Of The Traitor!

Bringing the heat from Scotland are Symphonic Deathcore unit The Head Of The Traitor who have pulled the pin on their second single “The Beginning“, a cut that features a guest vocal appearance from Alex Ives of Litterbox Massacre and Artificial Pathogen fame. The title track of an undated album, it looks to have been

NEWS: Time for Incubation with Bound In Fear guitarist Keir Campbell!

Earlier today, Chugcore Promotions premiered a one off project track that sees no less that seven vocalists lend their throats to an instrumental from Bound In Fear guitarist Keir Campbell. Entitled “Incubation“, it sees (in order of appearance) Jack White of Defilement, Dean Kerr Watson of Violent, Luke Franklin and Josh Fordham of The Cleansing,

The Black Map #87: Violent from Edinburgh!

It’s Sunday morning so whether you’re reading this nursing a hangover, eating a cooked breakfast or knitting your latest blanket, we don’t judge. Heading from Detest in Manchester to the heart of Scotland and Edinburgh to check out some Downtempo Deathcore groove, we’ve got something to recommend that  you’ll want to out your hot cup