The Black Map #38: Acres from Portsmouth!

Heading from Scotland to the South Coast and Portmouth this week, it’s time to melow things out a bit. Having kicked off a huge European run with Silent Planet and Comrades just last night, we thought it was time gave Portsmouth Cathartic Post-hardcore quintet Acres a place on The Black Map of the UK Underground Metal Scene. Their tag line is “Sad songs for Sad dudes” and with the deluxe version of 2017’s “In Sickness & Health”, they’ve struck a chord! Having switched out vocalists with Ben Lumber coming in for the original 5 track release, it’s subsequent “deluxe” version makes it a full album of 11 fine tunes. Lead single “Miles Apart” showcases Lumber’s vocal range while “Gloom” is a far heavier tune. The EP puts the band into the same territory as London’s Canvas and that is very interesting territory indeed!

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