The Black Map #64: Weaponry from Reading!

Who said a band had to be made up of friends? Who said the members of a band have to be in the same age bracket? Someone said you can chose your friends but you can’t choose your family. They’d be right on that score. So a with a father and son axe wielding duo and a pair of brothers by marriage in their ranks, Reading five piece of vocalist Al Bristow, guitarists Dan Ashworth and Max Ashworth, bassist Jay Rozentals and drummer Marty Drummond and Weaponry! Sonically they are a band that mix Sludge and Grunge Metal sounds to create their own style with hints at Deftones and Tool influences. Known for their live show, they have a trio of singles “Moving To Andromeda”, “Hard Palace” and “Blindly Follow Us available for your streaming pleasure!

You can catch Weaponry next on 2nd August when they support the UK’s No. 1 Rammstein tribute act Rammlied and Terraborn at Readings Facebar!

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