The Black Map # 19: InVisions from York!

Taking the journey from Portsmouth to York for this weeks edition of the Black Map, we turn our focus from Sleepwalker to InVisions. The band have a new album in the works and with single “Parasite” already out in the World, it appears that the Metalcore quintet are taking the dive into a more Deathcore inspired approach. The bands debut album “Never Nothing” is noted for it’s genre blending and clearly being influenced by the likes of Nine Inch Nails and Napalm Death but as extremes have a tendency to push out at both ends of the scale as bands mature, it will be interesting to see what the next release brings. What we can say is this – they know how to put on a performance in the live arena! The band packed a punch at the opening night Tech-Fest After party in their headlining slot! InVisions have been added to a trio of November tour dates in support of fellow York Metallers Glamour of the Kill.

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