The Black Map #185: Seasons Awake from Hereford!

After a week off while we attended last weekends Rabidfest in Oxford, it’s time to return once again to our longest running feature, The Black Map, a weekly insight into the UK Underground Metal scene. As the headline suggests, it’s to deepest darkest Hereford that we travel, 16 miles away from the border with Wales on the River Wye to talk about Seasons Awake this fine November day and with good reason. Having arisen from the ashes of Last Man Standing in 2016, April 2020 saw them blow our tiny minds with EP “Xinteng” after fair warning with 2017 single “Kiasu” and 2019 EP “Homeland“. Despite issues with locating the right permanent vocalist the band refused to sit on their laurels and instead having already enjoyed the service of Chelsea Grin vocalist Tom Barber on their EP, they went in search of another guest and found none other than former Signs Of The Swarm and Lorna Shore frontman CJ McCreery for “Desolate“. Prepare to get bludgeoned by them should you dare to push play because with that pair making guest appearances and their reputations preceding them, you know this is going to as heavy as a grand piano dropping from a twelfth story window onto your skull…

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