The Black Map #104: KVX from Leeds!

Changing your band name after a style shift is always an interesting move, especially if that means holding onto the older material. Leeds quartet KVX started out in 2016 under the moniker Kovax and after numerous singles, a debut EP “If There Was Ever Any Doubt” and gigs up and down the country with the likes of Freeze The Atlantic, I Cried Wolf and Fizzy Blood they reached the nirvana of a settled line-up in 2019. Having experimented with Nu-Metal inspired riffs and shouts with hints of Pop, Math Rock and Punk over three years when the time came to write and record new material, they found more focus, refinement and edge. The result of those recording sessions was “Agent Reveal“, a dark new EP that came out on 17th April 2020 and sees Pete Freeth (Vocals and guitar), Michael Bracewell (Guitar), Tom Vickery (Drums) and Joe Phillips (Bass) entering a new dawn. If you took the class of Therapy?, the energy of Refused and the Math Rock sensibilities of The Fall Of Troy and put them in a melting pot on a high heat, you’d have KVX.

Agent Reveal” by KVX is out now and available over at bandcamp.

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