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Bootleg: “Screamager” from Therapy?!

It seems crazy that Irish Alternative Metal trio Therapy? could still be a going concern in 2022 but they were at Wacken Open Air Festival this summer so who are we to judge? While they were there they were caught on camera playing the almighty “Screamager“, a cut that has a riff to which the

NEWS: Therapy? Get up close and personal…

“We are pleased to announce a new set of dates for the UK this coming November and December. This tour will be very different to our last few tours in that we are, firstly playing places / venues that we have not played for a very, very long time or indeed before at all! Some

NEWS: Sunshine and Guitars for Frop Leap at New Year!

Frog Leap Studios in Norway is the destination next as the legend that is Leo Moracchioli takes on the Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell classic “You Are My Sunshine” originally released by the The Pine Ridge Boys way back in 1939 and also famously appeared on “Troublegum” by Therapy? in 1994. What is amazing about

Throwback: “Church of Noise” by Therapy?!

Going all the way back to 1998 and the resurgence of Noise Metal that was “Semi Detached” from Northern Ireland Alternative Metal act Therapy leaves lead single “Church of Noise” as the prime choice for our weekly throwback track. This writer is actually old enough to have owned this on cassette tape with b-side “60 Watt

NEWS: Therapy 30th Anniversary Tour rescheduled!

The second rescheduling of their 30th Anniversary tour will see Northern Ireland Grunge Kings Therapy? effectively celebrating their 32nd in March and April 2022. It will be another chance to get into the pit with to classics like “Screamager“, “Church of Noise” and  “Die Laughing” not to mention cuts from 2018’s fifteenth studio album “Cleave“.

Review: “New Dark World” by Force Of Mortality

Forged in the furnace that is Oxford in 2016 before releasing their debut EP “Reincarnate The Immortal” independently as a quartet in the spring of 2017, Force of Mortality laid the foundations of what would become their debut album across 5 hard and heavy tracks that had already been part of their live show for

Bootleg: Therapy? At Wacken!

Northern Irish Alternative Metal favourites Therapy? Joined the masses for the Wacken World Wide 2020 live stream and threw down a pair of classics on “Knives” and “Screamager” from 1994’s “Troublegum” from the trio’s separate residences on split screen glory. Their “So Much For The 30 Year Plan” European tour trek may have been put

Review: “Host Rider” by Zebadiah Crowe

Influenced by the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, Clive Barker and Edgar Allan Poe, Forrrthen (Guitars) and The Horrid (Vocals, Bass, Drum Programming) are a duo who create music that sits in the space between Blackened Thrash, Industrial Metal and Grindcore in their outlet Zebadiah Crowe. Having the same influences as Ministry and Cradle of Filth

The Black Map #104: KVX from Leeds!

Changing your band name after a style shift is always an interesting move, especially if that means holding onto the older material. Leeds quartet KVX started out in 2016 under the moniker Kovax and after numerous singles, a debut EP “If There Was Ever Any Doubt” and gigs up and down the country with the

Review: “Agenda Reveal” EP by KVX

Citing influences in Deftones, Reuben and Refused to name but three are Leeds quartet Pete Freeth (Guitar/Main Vocals), Joe Phillips (Bass/Vocals), Michael Bracewell (Guitars) and Tom Vickery (Drums). Better known as KVX, they have been making Post-Hardcore tinged Alternative Metal sounds since January 2016, under the moniker Kovax. “Agenda Reveal” marks the bands first release