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The Black Map #104: KVX from Leeds!

Changing your band name after a style shift is always an interesting move, especially if that means holding onto the older material. Leeds quartet KVX started out in 2016 under the moniker Kovax and after numerous singles, a debut EP “If There Was Ever Any Doubt” and gigs up and down the country with the

Review: “Agenda Reveal” EP by KVX

Citing influences in Deftones, Reuben and Refused to name but three are Leeds quartet Pete Freeth (Guitar/Main Vocals), Joe Phillips (Bass/Vocals), Michael Bracewell (Guitars) and Tom Vickery (Drums). Better known as KVX, they have been making Post-Hardcore tinged Alternative Metal sounds since January 2016, under the moniker Kovax. “Agenda Reveal” marks the bands first release