The Black Map #211: Throne Of Icarus from London!

As Festival Season fast approaches and gossip turns to line ups, just remember that the early bird catches the worm and those bands that are opening up such events deserve some attention. After all, it’s an honour to be selected to get any party started! One such event is Amplified Festival, returning after a leave of absence on 29th July with one band in particular¬†opening at Camden Assembly Hall for The Five Hundred and Exist Immortal. While parts of the United Kingdom witnessed the heavy snowfall in the winter of 2017, five men listed on wanted posters for their scandalous activities in various Hardcore, Thrash and Metalcore outfits were preparing for a fresh campaign, scarred from their previous endeavours and yet fuelled by a fire raging within. Angry at politics, religion and popular culture they toiled to throughout a Global catastrophe to create an urgent blend of those aforementioned genres with powerful hooks, oceans of groove and huge breakdowns. That band is Throne Of Icarus.

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