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The Black Map #185: Seasons Awake from Hereford!

After a week off while we attended last weekends Rabidfest in Oxford, it’s time to return once again to our longest running feature, The Black Map, a weekly insight into the UK Underground Metal scene. As the headline suggests, it’s to deepest darkest Hereford that we travel, 16 miles away from the border with Wales

NEWS: Seasons Awake bring in CJ McCreery for “Desolate”!

Despite pleading not guilty, after his exit from Lorna Shore there was a school of thought that said we might not see a return to Deathcore from CJ McCreery, who until that point had not only been the main man in Signs Of The Swarm but also a regular as clockwork guest vocal appearance maker.

NEWS: Laang see life beyond death with “Dongshang”!

Taiwanese Black Metal trio Laang have begun to pave the way to their forthcoming album “Xinteng” with a lyric video for “Dongshang“. Based in Keelung City, the concept of the band was born from horrifying experiences of what lies beyond life during a near-death experience when their frontman Yang Haitao was shot. While medically dead,