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The Black Map #185: Seasons Awake from Hereford!

After a week off while we attended last weekends Rabidfest in Oxford, it’s time to return once again to our longest running feature, The Black Map, a weekly insight into the UK Underground Metal scene. As the headline suggests, it’s to deepest darkest Hereford that we travel, 16 miles away from the border with Wales

NEWS: Brand Of Sacrifice return to Lifeblood with Will Ramos!

While the original album “Lifeblood” has guest appearances from Frankie Palmeri of Emmure, Ben Duerr of Shadow Of Intent, Jamie Graham of Viscera and Tyler Shelton of Traitors all making guest vocal appearances, it seems that there are more in the offering from Brand Of Sacrifice. The Toronto Deathcore beasts have unveiled an alternative version

Bootleg: Lorna Shore in Chicago!

Symphonic Deathcore collective Lorna Shore have been caught on camera by Chevy Studios at The Cobra Lounge in Chicago Illinois as they enter the eye of the storm with a full set including “To The Hellfire“, “King Ov Deception” and “Immortal“. Their headlining tour with Distant and Cabal in January had a series of venue

NEWS: Lorna Shore? In January? Winter Warmer from the fires of Deathcore Hell!

After Symphonic Deathcore titans Lorna Shore announced their participation in Bring Me The Horizon‘s ‘Survival Horror European Tour‘ in February 2022 alongside A Day To Remember and Poorstacy we honestly didn’t know what to expect next. What we have is the announcement of a preceding UK headlining tour of smaller venues with support from Distant and

NEWS: Seasons Awake bring in CJ McCreery for “Desolate”!

Despite pleading not guilty, after his exit from Lorna Shore there was a school of thought that said we might not see a return to Deathcore from CJ McCreery, who until that point had not only been the main man in Signs Of The Swarm but also a regular as clockwork guest vocal appearance maker.

NEWS: Heavy//Hitter return with a sting in the tale…

Much like Mohammed Ali floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee, South Florida Beatdown Hardcore crew Heavy//Hitter have brought their left jab and right hook to new single “Sting Of The Butterfly”. Having broken with “Spit” in 2019, lat hear was a quieter one but the single comes a week after the bands

NEWS: Lorna Shore return to nothingness!

The title track of the new Lorna Shore EP “And I Return to Nothingness“, their first with new vocalist Will Ramos (A Wake In Providence), a longtime friend and veteran of the scene that birthed the band has been given the full music video treatment. Teaming up once again with Immortal producer Josh Schroeder (King

Review: “…And I Return To Nothingness” by Lorna Shore

Having endured many trials in their career to date the strength to carry on has been something that Symphonic Deathcore merchants Lorna Shore have demonstrated time and time again. The exit of Tom Barber to Chelsea Grin was followed by a lengthy search for a replacement before the abrupt departure of former Signs Of The

Bootleg: “Mars Attacks” from Darko!

There has become an almost will they, won’t they when it comes to Emmure drummer Josh Miller and Chelsea Grin vocalist Tom Barber with Darko, such is the quality of the material they’ve been putting together and the love for it, we could see them turning this into their main deal and not just a

NEWS: Suffer play Lorna Shore at “Death Portrait”!

Having seen their July shows with Bound In Fear washed away by the tide of restrictions remaining in place due to the Great Plague, Deathcore quintet Suffer have had a little time to reflect on their situation. God Forbid that Lorna Shore should need yet another vocalist but should Will Ramos happen to have any