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Bootleg: “Mars Attacks” from Darko!

There has become an almost will they, won’t they when it comes to Emmure drummer Josh Miller and Chelsea Grin vocalist Tom Barber with Darko, such is the quality of the material they’ve been putting together and the love for it, we could see them turning this into their main deal and not just a

NEWS: Suffer play Lorna Shore at “Death Portrait”!

Having seen their July shows with Bound In Fear washed away by the tide of restrictions remaining in place due to the Great Plague, Deathcore quintet Suffer have had a little time to reflect on their situation. God Forbid that Lorna Shore should need yet another vocalist but should Will Ramos happen to have any

NEWS: Deathcore Delight with Carnifex and Chelsea Grin co-headlining!

Subject to the whole Global Pandemic situation a HUGE Europe wide Deathcore tour trek has been announced for February that will see Carnifex and Chelsea Grin co-headlining with support from Lorna Shore and if the bill wasn’t heavy enough, Varials and The Convalescence will also bring the heat. The news follows single “Pray For Peace”

NEWS: Lorna Shore return “To The Hellfire”!

After the success of A Wake In Providence frontman, Will Ramos, a longtime friend and veteran of the scene that birthed Lorna Shore during a trial by fire on the European Faces of Death tour headlined by Polish Technical Death Metal legends Decapitated it seemed highly unlikely that the band would look any further for a

Playthrough: “King Ov Deception” from Lorna Shore!

Transcending Deathcore with their third album and major label debut for Century Media “Immortal“, New Jersey powerhouse Lorna Shore have done their best to separate themselves from the tornado of controversies that surrounded it and to their credit come out stronger for it. An absolutely stunning piece of uncompromising work, it has seen drummer Austin

Playthrough: “Pale Tongue” from Darko!

Following the detailed announcement about the soon to be released debut album from Darko who of course feature Emmure drummer Josh Miller and Chelsea Grin vocalist Tom Barber, the band have thrown a dedicated drum cam playthrough video for recent single “Pale Tongue” at us via Caliber TV. That means you can escape the tormented

Playthrough: “The Abysswalker” from Detestor!

How they managed to do it we don’t know but having pursuaded a variety of guest vocalists to join them on the hunt including ex-Lorna Shore man CJ McCreary and Dan Watson of Enterprise Earth, Ukrainian Technical Deathcore crew Detestor have dropped a playthrough video filmed by Bohdan Krasulya for recent single “The Abysswalker” which appeared in

Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Recreant.

The revolving door saw Tom Barber switch Lorna Shore for Chelsea Grin as Alex Kohler exited stage left to deal with issues with alcohol. He went on to form Hip-Hop act Grudges, while CJ McCreary left Signs of the Swarm to replace Barber in Lorna Shore only to exit himself following various allegations before their

NEWS: Divine Destruction prepare for suffering?

What do Greg Gilbert of Shrine of Malice, Duncan Bentley of Vulvodynia and Tom Barber of Chelsea Grin all have in common? With the arrival of a lyric video for “Interloper” from Florida Blackened Death Metal duo Divine Destruction, all three vocalists have made guest appearances on tracks by them in the past 3 years.